Leonard Nimoy

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Leonard Nimoy
ProfessionGuest voice actor
Born26 March, 1931
Died27 February, 2015
IMDB profilenm0000559
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This article is about the actor. For the Futurama character, see Leonard Nimoy's head.
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Leonard Simon Nimoy was an American actor, director, writer, producer and singer who provided the voice of his own head in a jar on Futurama, with the distinction of being the very first guest voice on the show when he appeared in "Space Pilot 3000". He is most famous worldwide for his role as Spock in the Star Trek franchise, first appearing in Star Trek: The Original Series and reprising the role in subsequent incarnations of the franchise as well as many of the films. Nimoy had an extensive career in television and film, starring as Paris in Mission: Impossible and guest starring in TV shows like Gunsmoke, The Simpsons, and Fringe. In addition he released five studio albums, and was a lifelong photographer, having shown off his work in galleries and museums.

On 27 February, 2015, at the age of 83, Nimoy passed away from complications of COPD.

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