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Bender showing Fanny that he stepped on a leprechaun (ItWGY).
HomeworldEarth, Europe, Ireland
First appearance"The Farnsworth Parabox" (4ACV15)
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The leprechauns are fairies who store away all their coins in a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Bender of universe 1 has stolen a pot of gold from the leprechaun universe (4ACV15) and Bender of universe Γ has called Nibbler a leprechaun (BG), stepped on a leprechaun (ItWGY) and been chased by three leprechauns on surfboards together with Morris and Fry, presumably, after stealing a pot of gold from them (7ACV05).

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Three leprechauns on surfboards chasing Bender, Morris and Fry (7ACV05). [1]
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