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BG owl.jpg
The Professor with an owl (BG).
First appearance"I, Roommate" (1ACV03)
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Owls are a species of birds, and an extremely disliked pest in New New York. They are also sometimes domesticated and used to scare off or attack trespassers.


It is not known if the owls seen in the 31st century are the same species of owls that are known in the 21st century, or if they are an alien species or the result of some experiment. They seem to be much less shy towards humans compared to their counterpart in our time, much like 21st century pigeons.

According to Walt, owls lay dodecahedral eggs which hatch into Owl larvae, but he probably made that up.

Pest problem

The owl was at some time introduced to New New York to wipe out rats and pigeons. While the owls proved largely successful, they themselves replaced both species as the most prevalent pests in New New York. Owls are still capable of flight but feed on trash and have been seen exiting holes in walls, suggesting they live there.


Owls are usually caught in owl traps, such as "DEF-CON Owl Traps", the operation of which sounds much like a 21st century mouse or rat trap. They occasionally also get caught in spider webs. Walt, Larry and Igner posed as the extermination company "Smother Bros. Pest Control" , tasked dealing with disposal of owls, and were seen using a large plier-like device to either capture or decapitate one.

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    Hermes: Concerning our pest problem: Somebody's been leaving food around and it's attracting owls. And I, for one, am getting tired of cleaning those owl traps [A trap snaps and an owl hoots.] .