Sal and Son's

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Sal and Son's Junkyard
Futurama the Game Sal and Son's Junkyard.jpg
LocationAsteroid Belt, Sol System
BusinessJunkyard, Scrapyard, Salvage Yard
First appearanceFuturama (video game)

Sal and Son's is a junkyard on an Asteroid Belt in the Sol System, owned by Sal in the Futurama video game. It is visited by Mom and her Sons when she is looking for a Dark Matter engine powerful enough to move the Earth. Unfortunately, Professor Farnsworth is the only one who knows how to build one, so they captured him and the Planet Express crew in a tractor beam and pull them down to the asteroid. Bender panics, and jumps out of the ship with the Reanimator, falling to his death, but then instantly gets reanimated. He then agrees to save the crew from the tractor beam in exchange for a box of magazines with Fembot centerfolds. After fighting his way around the asteroid and defeating Walt, Larry and Igner, Bender deactivates the tractor beam, boards the ship and escapes. The junkyard is never seen again.

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