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Tertiary character
Darlene sean.png
Sean and his wife Darlene.
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Fry and Leela's Big Fling" (7ACV17)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Sean[1] is one of Leela's ex-boyfriends who first appeared in "Fry and Leela's Big Fling". Leela did, however, mention him several times before this. He is known to be uneducated, unambitious, pasty and hunched, but with an incredible, beautiful creative soul, and musical talent. Sean is now married to Darlene, a girl he met at the 99¢ store.


At an unspecified time prior to Fry's arrival in the future, Sean was in a romantic relationship with Leela. Though it is uncertain how the two met, Sean evidently wooed Leela by looking her in the eye and sadly saying, "I've never been so happy", a tactic Leela was unaware of until Fry later explained the technique to her.

Though Sean was both uneducated and unambitious, as well as physically pasty and hunched, Leela still remained attracted to him because of his talent at playing music on his saxophone. Leela would listen to Sean play improvised sax for hours as he sat naked on her couch. However, Sean and Leela's relationship turned sour later on when she found someone else's couch fibres on his butt; evidence that he had been playing naked Saxophone for another woman.

Though Leela claims that their breakup was a mutual decision, Sean would go on to say that Leela was crazy and he dumped her.

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    Fry: All you have to do is look her in the eyes and say [sadly] I've never been so happy.
    Leela: If a guy did that I'd know it... wait a minute they've all been saying that! Even Sean! [She starts crying.]

    Leela: ...if there's one thing I learned from my mutual break up with Sean that was totally mutual...

    Leela: Yeah, it's weird; Sean was uneducated, unambitious. He was pasty and hunched.
    Fry: [quietly] Pretty boy.

    Leela: Ooh! Was it jazz noodling? My ex-boyfriend Sean played the sax. I used to listen for hours while he sat naked on my couch and improvised. [angry] Then I found someone else's couch fibres on his butt.

    Sean: After that my music career really started taking off. I recorded a demo and shot a video, but then I lost my phone.

    Sean: Dude, you broke my reed! You owe me like a dollar!
    Fry: You'll have to kill me for it!