Ultimate Robot Fighting

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Ultimate Robot Fighting
Raging Bender.jpg
Owner(s)formerly Abner Doubledeal
OriginNew New York, Earth
First appearance"Raging Bender" (2ACV08)

Ultimate Robot Fighting is a form of boxing which the robots created for robots held at Madison Cube Garden in New New York. Originally believed by the everyone to be real it turned out that the sport is fake and the most popular robot always wins. The most hated robot fighter is Sgt. Feces Processor.


Ultimate Robot Fighting is very similar to professional wrestling unlike what its trying to be (a type of mix between Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts). This can be noticed by the ring having 3 ropes instead of 4 like in a boxing ring and that there are gimmicks similar to that of wrestlers. There are also hated robot fighters just like heels in wrestling.


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