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Nibbler Birthday.jpg
Celebrated whenDay of birth
Celebrated byPeople that are born on that day
First appearance"I Second that Emotion" (2ACV01)

Birthdays in the 31st century are much like the birthdays celebrated 1000 years ago.

Birthday Cake[edit]

Of course a cake is traditional to have at a Birthday. Some characters like Nibbler and Amy have large cakes whilst others like Zoidberg get only a small cupcake.

The Birthday Song[edit]

What day is today?
It's _____'s birthday,
What a day for a birthday,
Let's all have some cake


The cast sings a different birthday song than the one used in our time (different lyrics and melody). Either because in the future this new song is the norm, or because Warner Music Group still makes copyright claims against our currently used song.

Additional Info[edit]


Additional Info[edit]