Earth v. Feministas

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Earth v. Feministas
LocationEarth Supreme Court,
Judge(s)The 3009 judges
Charged forResisting arrest, various protests and sabotages, and protecting the environment
VerdictSentenced to "fiddy" years in the Maxi-Padlock
AppearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder

Earth v. Feministas was a trial by the court lead by Snoop Dogg's head at the Earth Supreme Court. The Feministas were charged for several counts of crimes, including resisting arrest, various protests and sabotages, and protecting the environment. Richard Nixon, Bender, Fry, and Leo Wong were witnesses in the trial. The decision of the judges were 5-4 to acquit. However, the vote was along gender lines. As a result the score was 4-2.5 to convict due to a law that in such cases, the women justices' votes count half. The Feministas were sentenced to the Maxi-Padlock prison.

Additional Info


  • Bender later helped the Feministas escape from Maxi-Padlock, as he is "1 DVS BSTD" (one devious bastard).