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|name=Thubanian of Earth

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Thubanian of Earth
ResultVictory to the Earthicans
Appearance"A Clockwork Origin" (6ACV09)
Side ASide B
Planet Express CrewThubanians
Amy Wong
Thubanian Leader
Planet Express CrewThubanian Saucer

The Thubanian Invasion of Earth occurred after Amy Wong gave her dissertation at Mars University. The Thubanian Leader, eavesdropping on the Wong, realized that her plans to harness Earth's rotational energy were exactly that his people needed in order to restart the rotation of Thuban 9. After stowing away on the Planet Express ship, the alien leader used his "hyper-cuteness" to ensnare everyone at Planet Express, except Amy and Nibbler.

Using their human puppets, the Thubanians soon had a device capable of siphoning off the Earth's rotational energy to Thuban 9. The mind-controlled staff of Planet Express used the machine, stopping the Earth's rotation. Their plans realized, the Thubanians left Earth. Unfortunately for them, Amy was able to devise a plan to restart the Earth by continuing to rotate the machine. Shortly after the Earth stopped, the planet's rotational energy was reclaimed from Thuban 9, ending the crisis.

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