Tinny Tim

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Secondary character
Tinny Tim
Tinny Tim.jpg
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Xmas Story" (2ACV04)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Tinny Tim is an unlucky orphan Robot who lives on the streets of New New York. He uses a crutch (which seems to replace his arm) to help himself walk. Despite the hardships he endures, he seems to be accepting of his lot in life. Though generally seen begging, he has been seen on separate occasions selling oil-ade [2ACV13] and newspapers. [4ACV18]

Character description

In spite of others' treatment of him, Tinny Tim often apologizes for his very existence. He seems to be accepting his lot in life, and often agrees with being left out. Whenever he is incorporated into a company as an equal, such as with Dwight and Cubert in "Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television", he is not only happy, but surprised.

Tinny Tim was based on the character of Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, both in name, character, appearance and voice.

Additional Info


  • Tim's crippled foot switches sides countless times throughout his appearances.
  • His name appeared on the Robot Devil's "Wheel of Robots", but he has only one hand to switch with Fry. This could be explained as a way for the Robot Devil could have conned Fry if the name was chosen.
  • He is one among few Futurama male characters to be voiced by a woman.
  • He gets brutally maimed in nearly all of his appearences: run over by the Crushinator, having his crutch kicked off by Bender, getting run over by Nixon's limo, and getting tripped twice by Bender.


    Tinny Tim: You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, sir. Bravo!

    Fry: Look, it's not the food that's important...
    Tinny Tim: I'm so hungry.

    Amy: : Look at us; living like trash-eating bums in an alley now!
    Tinny Tim: And on Xmas eve, the most wonderful night of the...
    [Bender kicks Tinny Tim.]
    Bender: Oops...

    Tinny Tim: Extra! Extra! Greatest opera of all time sucks!
    Zoidberg: I'll take eight!