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Throughout the DVD releases of Futurama, there have been, alongside other special features, deleted scenes. These are scenes, animations and what not, cut for time, plot line, et cetera. This article lists all released deleted scenes.


The deleted scenes can be marked into four different categories based on what purpose they fill:

  • Addition: The deleted scene contains imaging that was to be inserted between other scenes.
  • Replacement: The deleted scene would have replaced the otherwise broadcast scene.
  • Plot hole: The deleted scene contains information that would answer what otherwise remains unanswered in the episode without it.
  • Different dialogue: The deleted scene contains the same animation as the broadcast version, but the spoken line is changed.
Deleted Scenes
Season DVDs No. of Deleted Scenes
1 1 5
2 2
3 1
2 1 13
2 10
3 3
4 5
3 1 23
2 12
3 5
4 9
4 1 18
2 5
3 13
4 13
5 BBS ?
TBwaBB ?
BG ?
6 1 22
2 25
7 1 23
2 25
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Season 1


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"The Series Has Landed" 1 The Goofy Gophers tell two jokes, instead of the one in the episode. Addition, Replacement
Different dialogue
Deleted Scene (010201).png
2 The Crushinator announces to her adopted father that she is pregnant (which in turn, later leads to Junior) Addition
Possible plot hole
Deleted Scene (010202).png
"I, Roommate" 1 Amy wants to get into the Emergency Chemical Burn Shower, apparently having a real use for it, but Fry is in it. Addition Deleted Scene (010301).png
2 Bender and Fry discuss inviting their friends over for a housewarming party and to watch the wedding on All My Circuits. Addition
Insignificant plot hole
Deleted Scene (010302).png
"Love's Labours Lost in Space" 1 Zapp Brannigan explains that the killbots are not that hostile when they meet their kill limit, but Bender "fixes" that by resetting them. Addition Deleted Scene (010401).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"My Three Suns" 1 After escaping into the castle, two guards appear. Fry sprays them with water, and Bender afterwards helps with the clogged drain and he wants 150 dollars for it. Addition Deleted Scene (010701).png
"Hell Is Other Robots" 1 When flying away from Robot Hell, Leela asks Bender if he could be a little less evil, to which he remarks, "Only when Robot Hell freezes over." Then Fry reads from the brochure that it actually does freeze over, during November through March each year. Replacement
Different dialogue
Deleted Scene (010901).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"When Aliens Attack" 1 While hovering to Monument Beach, the Professor explains that when humans stopped hunting whales, their numbers grew excessively and they acquired a taste for human flesh, which is why Monument Beach is not by the real ocean. Addition Deleted Scene (011201).png

Season 2


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"I Second that Emotion" 1 While faced with El Chupanibre Bender, screams so loud that the Professor can hear it in his bathtub, at which point he turns off his hearing aid. Addition Deleted Scene (020101).png
"Brannigan, Begin Again" 1 Bender is at the bar, on the new DOOP headquarters, where he drinks a bottle which turns out to be Gorgak. Addition Deleted Scene (020201).png
2 Bender, Zapp, and Fry deliver the first three pillows to the inn, where the innkeeper gives them three giant coins, which they'll then have to drag back to the ship. Addition Deleted Scene (020202).png
3 Hermes mentions that he gave Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker a test to decide their new positions at Planet Express. Kif scores the same position as he had at DOOP, while Zapp Brannigan's new position is Delivery Boy, Second Class. Addition Deleted Scene (020203).png
"A Head in the Polls" 1 After Fry mentions to Bill Clinton that he stayed home and watched VH1 on election day, George Bush Sr. mentions there was something on MTV, but Fry says that he is a VH1 guy and Jimmy Carter responds "Loser!" Addition Deleted Scene (020301).png
"Xmas Story" 1 Amy on skis crashes into the others and Bender remarks that she'll finally meet his lawyer, when she mentions that she already slept with him. Addition Deleted Scene (020401).png
2 Bender gives Tinny Tim some liquor, after which he asks Tim to give him five dollars, which he can't pay, and thus Bender labels it as stolen. Addition Deleted Scene (020402).png
3 While watching Conan O'Brien's head, the audience claps extra long, at which Conan wants them to stop mocking him for his lack of arms. Addition Deleted Scene (020403).png
4 Conan O'Brien's Head is frozen over, but Leela interprets it as a joke on celebrities. Addition Deleted Scene (020404).png
5 Fry gets an Xmas card from his nephew. Addition Deleted Scene (020405).png
6 Preacherbot is seen on TV talking about the homeless robots. Addition Deleted Scene (020406).png
"Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?" 1 Fry and Leela ask Bender why, if he doesn't like the fact that humans use DNA to reproduce, then why he is such a fan of pornography, to which he replies that it is for the perverseness. Addition Deleted Scene (020501).png
2 During Zoidberg's trip to the gymnasium, he cuts the rubber cords on the exercise machine Larry (Mom's son) is using and he flies through the window. Addition Deleted Scene (020502).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"The Lesser of Two Evils" 1 After Flexo is arrested, Smitty and URL read his rights to him. Addition Deleted Scene (020601).png
"Put Your Head on My Shoulders" 1 Victor introduces the make-up mirror in the car, but Amy and Leela wants to know what makes the make-up mirror so special. Addition Deleted Scene (020701).png
"Raging Bender" 1 We see Mom first covering her eyes, then shouting at the robots in the Ultimate Robot Fighting league. Addition Deleted Scene (020801).png
2 At the Movie Theatre, we get explained how the interactive part of films work. Fry is not amused by the outcome. Addition Deleted Scene (020802).png
"A Bicyclops Built for Two" 1 Zoidberg mentions to Leela that he is a certified midwife. Addition Deleted Scene (020901).png
2 Alcazar sees Leela in her wedding dress before the wedding. Leela remarks that her friends are still missing. Al suggests she let Amy do it, because "she's pretty hot." Addition Deleted Scene (020902).png
3 Before the mailbot inserts the mail at Planet Express, we see a long range of people on the street, a group of children playing Blernsball, a man selling ice, a man selling knifes and a man selling laser calibrators. Addition Deleted Scene (020903).png
"A Clone of My Own" 1 The Sunset Squad Robot communicates with the Planet Express Ship, asks for response. Bender gets to respond because he is the robot. Addition Deleted Scene (021001).png
2 Leela parks at Mars University, but Fry remarks that she is in an inappropriate space, she moves the ship one space to the right, crushing another car. Addition Deleted Scene (021002).png
3 Wernstrom and Amy perform a dialogue sketch at his birthday party, much to Farnsworth's dismay. Addition Deleted Scene (021003).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"The Deep South" 1 While dozing, Farnsworth talks in his sleep about Zombie Jesus. Addition Deleted Scene (021201).png
"Bender Gets Made" 1 After telling Tinny Tim he is quitting the Robot Mafia, Tim explains that they'll kill him for that, but Bender explains that he has changed his identity (his serial number). Addition Deleted Scene (021301).png
"The Problem with Popplers" 1 After Ndnd asks Lrrr if he wants some human with his salt, Lrrr response, "one of these days, Ndnd, bang boom, straight to Omicron Persei 12!" Addition Deleted Scene (021501).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"The Honking" 1 After Bender expresses that he is scared, Farnsworth suggest that there might actually be a driver after Bender. Addition Deleted Scene (021801).png
2 After having nailed Bender to the wall, Fry explains that he wants to listen to some homeless guy, because he makes some really good points. This scene explains why Fry is leaving his own apartment. Addition
Plot hole
Deleted Scene (021802).png
3 After the lawyer bot reads from the will about what the butler, "You There," will inherit, the butler complains about this being all he gets for buffing his master's ass. At which point he cries, "How I loved to buff that man's ass." Addition Deleted Scene (021803).png
"The Cryonic Woman" 1 After asking the group of children if they can join his society, Butch explains who is going to cut him , Fry questions his name, at which the boy behind him reveals his real name, to which he threatens that he will cut him. Addition, Replacement
Different dialogue
Deleted Scene (021901).png
2 Fry and Michelle are seen on a picnic on several asteroids. Addition Deleted Scene (021902).png

Season 3


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"Amazon Women in the Mood" 1 Leela and Amy have a discussion about what sort of guys Amy dates. Addition Deleted Scene (030101).png
2 The Amazonians show them the shower house, at which point Fry and Zapp note that that would be something they'd like to check out. Addition Deleted Scene (030102).png
3 During their half date, Zapp asks if Leela would come home to part of his room for 50% of sex. Addition Deleted Scene (030103).png
4 Leela notices two Amazonians who are not going to "snu-snu" the boys. Addition Deleted Scene (030104).png
5 Amy agrees on Leela's comment that they won't last long. Addition Deleted Scene (030105).png
6 Zapp explains the idea he has formed, which is based on a similar idea by Julius Caesar himself, which he originally used to score Italian chicks; the double date. Addition Deleted Scene (030106).png
"Parasites Lost" 1 During their walk, Leela and Fry see a clown who loses his trousers, Fry laughs harder than Leela and Leela says he is good, but not that good. Then Fry explains to Leela that it is so funny because the clown obviously has a career, that a business man nearby is laughing only to support him, despite the fact that his wife is more interested in the clown himself, though according to Fry, the clown is obviously gay. Which is why it is so funny. Addition Deleted Scene (030201).png
2 Before landing at the truck stop, we see the crew flying in the ship when they are told that the ship is low on dark matter. Addition Deleted Scene (030202).png
3 During a conference meeting, Hermes explains that the plates are missing, so now they will have to use alternatives to eat off of. Zoidberg is pleased. This introduces the Jai-alai xistera that Hermes later uses to eat popcorn. Addition, Insignificant plot hole Deleted Scene (030203).png
4 We hear Sal making the extra remark at Leela; "Bring me my library card, cause I'm checkings yous out." Addition Deleted Scene (030204).png
"A Tale of Two Santas" 1 Robot Santa tells a joke before they get him out of the ice. Addition Deleted Scene (030301).png
2 The Hyper-Chicken makes Bender (as Santa) confess that he is indeed Santa. Addition Deleted Scene (030302).png
"The Luck of the Fryrish" 1 Leela mentions that she sees radar activity. Addition Deleted Scene (030401).png
2 Leela uses her Wristlojackimator to shoot a laser at the safe, which doesn't work. Addition Deleted Scene (030402).png
"The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz" 1 We see Bender complaining about his five hour sentence. Smitty wishes he had gotten six. Addition Deleted Scene (030501).png
2 Fry asks Zoidberg why he is such a suck up, to which he responds that he loves people who are above him. Addition Deleted Scene (030502).png
3 We see the game that Zoidberg and Fry were playing. The twist? Fry was playing the lobster. Addition Deleted Scene (030503).png
4 We see an episode of The Scary Door. Note: this deleted scene later appeared in "Spanish Fry" behind the ending credits. Addition Deleted Scene (030504).png
"Bendless Love" 1 We see Bender and Flexo discussing Angle-ine. Addition Deleted Scene (030601).png
2 Bender asks if the humans would be to blame every time someone lactated milk. Addition Deleted Scene (030602).png
3 While talking, Leela's arm flails about far more than in the final version. Replacement Deleted Scene (030603).png
4 We see Leela fixing the damaged ship. Farnsworth then says he wants to go for walk, and Fry goes along. Addition Deleted Scene (030604).png
5 Bender wishes to know why Angle-ine has seemingly (to him) dumped him. And asks if it is his breath, at which remarks that he doesn't have breath. Addition Deleted Scene (030605).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" 1 When Leela runs after Nibbler we meet the man she buys Nibbler's ham from, Jaques Jambon. Addition
Insignificant plot hole
Deleted Scene (030701).png
2 Morbo and Linda discuss how the "t" sounds, then Morbo says a sentence placing emphasis on every "t". Addition Deleted Scene (030702).png
"That's Lobstertainment!" 1 Zoidberg, Harold Zoid and Bender discuss Calculon's revenge. Bender mentions that he told Calculon that he would get the Oscar to get him to fund the film. At which Harold remarks that he thought Zoidberg was paying for the film. Addition Deleted Scene (030801).png
"The Cyber House Rules" 1 Two hover cars are seen crashing into each other, at which the drivers (Hattie McDoogal and one of the small Glurmos) get out and shout at each other. Leela closes the window to silence them. Addition Deleted Scene (030901).png
2 Zoidberg asks Leela if she is done eating her food, she tell him to get lost, he sprays her with ink. Addition Deleted Scene (030902).png
3 Leela asks why the orphans are also in the cell, URL answers that they had a tip they were in on it. Addition
Plot hole
Deleted Scene (030903).png
4 Leela and Adlai are travelling around to find some kids to adopt, they go to the Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium, but Bender's taken all the kids. Addition
plot hole
Deleted Scene (030904).png
5 Farnsworth asks Adlai if his intentions are pure - pure evil that is. Addition Deleted Scene (030905).png
"Where the Buggalo Roam" 1 Bender announces that slops' on. Though to his advantage as a robot, he doesn't have to eat it. Addition Deleted Scene (031001).png
"Insane in the Mainframe" 1 Franklin on the note says something different to Fry, we also see Fry and Bender inside the 7^11 Replacement, Addition
Different dialogue
Deleted Scene (031101).png
2 Amy asks how to get Fry to believe he is a human again, Farnsworth explains that they simply have to brainwash him to believe he is a hippo, then brainwash him to believe he is a human. Farnsworth explains the long way with hippos being easier to brainwash. Addition Deleted Scene (031102).png
3 At the end, instead of pulling out a human heart, Bender pulls out a banjo and a Napoleon hat. He then starts to sing about being the Emperor of France. Replacement Deleted Scene (031103).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"Time Keeps on Slippin'" 1 At the basketball game, Hermes tells the Globetrotters to stop "ass mocking us." Addition Deleted Scene (031401).png
2 After explaining that Fry didn't use drugs or hypnosis, Bender remarks that maybe he had to marry her because he got her pregnant. Addition Deleted Scene (031402).png
3 Leela explains to Zoidberg that she may not love Fry at all. Zoidberg asks if she loves him, she doesn't hesitate to say no. Zoidberg turns on the TV. Addition Deleted Scene (031403).png
"A Leela of Her Own" 1 The coach explains that they may be able to get him to let Leela in on the field, but they cannot make him stop chewing, mumbling and spitting. Addition Deleted Scene (031601).png
"A Pharaoh to Remember" 1 As they are about to take off, Scruffy appears with a plate spinning on a broom, he says they cannot leave while it is spinning. It falls off and breaks, he then says they can leave. Addition Deleted Scene (031701).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"Roswell that Ends Well" 1 When entering the army base, a soldier asks what Bender's head is. Fry explains it is a communist detector, he uses it on the guard, who lets him in. Addition Deleted Scene (031901).png
"Future Stock" 1 Leela asks Hermes why he told that the papers he gave them had value at Xmas, at which Hermes responses that they had sentimental value. Addition Deleted Scene (032101).png
2 Mom tells her boys to mark her words that after she is done with Fry and that guy, the only magazine they'll appear is Mangled Remains Monthly. Addition Deleted Scene (032102).png
"The 30% Iron Chef" 1 Zoidberg explains why there is a clock on him. Addition Deleted Scene (032201).png
2 Elzar explains why his show would be awesome even if nobody watched it. Addition Deleted Scene (032202).png
3 Farnsworth makes further explanation of the evidence of his crime. Addition Deleted Scene (032203).png
4 Fry attempts to appear like he is eating the food from the position of Bender, but Bender sees it and makes him eat it. Addition Deleted Scene (032204).png
5 Bender comments on Elzar's masterpiece and doesn't think it was cooking is about, at which he starts hitting his own head in his food. Addition Deleted Scene (032205).png
6 The subtle overtones of honeysuckle in Elzar's cooking remind Morbo of a spring morn'. Replacement
Different dialogue
Deleted Scene (032206).png

Season 4


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch" 1 Bender and Fry are playing binary hangman, Fry wins it easily because there are only 1 and 0. Addition Deleted Scene (040101).png
2 Bender tells exactly how many messages Amy has unread, he then continues to delete them. Addition Deleted Scene (040102).png
3 Farnsworth explains why the monster needs the giant pill. Addition Deleted Scene (040103).png
4 Bender asks why he has to go to sleep since he doesn't breathe oxygen, Leela responds that they don't want him awake while they are sleeping. Addition
Plot hole
Deleted Scene (040104).png
5 Kif and Zapp has longer discussion about the incoming ship. Addition Deleted Scene (040105).png
6 Zapp asks the doctor if he is going to make it with Leela. The doctor replies; "Damnit, Zapp, I'm a doctor not a miracle worker." Addition Deleted Scene (040106).png
7 Amy tells Leela she finds it confusing for her to have made her boyfriend pregnant, and she says she'd always thought of her as a older sister. Leela is touched, but then asks "How much older?" Addition Deleted Scene (040107).png
8 Leela tells Kif it is better that she learns she is not ready to be a mother yet, but Kif wonders why she just can't pretend. Addition Deleted Scene (040108).png
9 Fry makes a witty response to Kif's description of where he was born. Addition Deleted Scene (040109).png
10 Zapp goes into a lengthier explanation of what the birthing grounds smells like. Addition Deleted Scene (040110).png
11 The Grand Midwife tells the tale of the birthing rituals and then holds on Zapp's belly to which she remarks, "why did you wait so long?" Zapp shakes his head and points at Kif, the Grand Midwife response, "who are you?" Addition Deleted Scene (040111).png
"Leela's Homeworld" 1 Leela explains that it is not really such a big deal with the price, and she have given the others invitations in their lockers. But Zoidberg is worried about what he should wear. Addition Deleted Scene (040201).png
2 After having lowered the rat into the mutated water, it turns into a beautiful bird. The Sewer Mutants remarks that there is a very slim possibility for that to ever happen. They then lower in the replacement rat. Addition Deleted Scene (040202).png
3 Warden Vogel gives Fry some dirt on the other orphans. Addition Deleted Scene (040203).png
"Love and Rocket" 1 Bender gives further explanation for why he can date bots on the side. Addition Deleted Scene (040301).png
"Less than Hero" 1 The mutants makes a catch before Leela's father tells. Addition Deleted Scene (040401).png
"A Taste of Freedom" 1 Farnsworth explains that he have always wanted to wear a wig, so since it is Freedom Day, he can do it. Addition Deleted Scene (040501).png
2 Leela asks Zoidberg where his tie is during the trial. Addition Deleted Scene (040502).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"Crimes of the Hot" 1 Fry explains why he is wearing his hat, because he put it in water and froze it. Then he hints on why he was wearing his thick underwear. At which Hermes spits out a piece of it, marking "other people use that freezer you know!" Addition Deleted Scene (040801).png
"Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" 1 Farnsworth makes out a scene at the lunch room. Addition Deleted Scene (040901).png
2 Dwight tell a young Hermes where the cool kids hang out now a days, at which Hermes quips "so you'll just be dropping me off?" Then he goes on to say he will reveal where he hid all his dirty magazines. Addition Deleted Scene (040902).png
3 Moose's girlfriend explains the route. Addition Deleted Scene (040903).png
"The Why of Fry" 1 Bender asks what Fry what he wants to do, Fry asks if they could go see a film, Bender snatches onto a passing bus and before he is dragged along he says "let me think about it." Addition Deleted Scene (041001).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"Where No Fan Has Gone Before" 1 Zapp explains to Leela why she cannot complete the mission, because she is not manly enough. Addition Deleted Scene (041101).png
"The Sting" 1 Fry explains why it is dangerous to take along the baby queen with a story of his ant farm. Addition Deleted Scene (041201).png
2 We see Leela melding on the ship. Addition Deleted Scene (041202).png
3 Leela wishes she was born without a subconsciousness. Addition Deleted Scene (041203).png
4 As Fry reemerges from the royal jelly, Leela says she needs a rag rather than a sponge. When Fry is "alive" again, he says "why am I sticky? Did I fall asleep at the floor of a movie theatre again?" Leela then proceeds to taste him. Replacement, Addition Deleted Scene (041204).png
5 As Leela flies to Fry's coffin, she passes a series of planets that looks just like her co-workers. The one that looks like Zoidberg eats a cow jumping over the planet looking like Farnsworth Addition Deleted Scene (041205).png
"Bend Her" 1 Bender makes further effort explaining to OL why he should be in, about Robonia being a poor country. Addition Deleted Scene (041301).png
2 Calculon makes further speech about his love for Coilette. Coilette asks what he would do if she was send off to a far off galaxy like a nurse. Calculon would in such a case have his driver pick her up. Addition Deleted Scene (041302).png
3 Coilette explains the end of their meeting. Addition Deleted Scene (041303).png
"Obsoletely Fabulous" 1 Fry and Leela see a robot band. Note: It is also added in the animatic. Addition Deleted Scene (041401).png
2 As the robots are brought to their upgrade, a huge hologram of Mom explains why they must have the upgrade. Note: It is also added in the animatic. Addition Deleted Scene (041402).png
3 Bender tells a different story as he becomes wood. Note: It is also added in the animatic. Replacement Deleted Scene (041403).png
4 Bender says instead of "war against technology"; "rage against the machine" (a reference to the band of the same name). Replacement Deleted Scene (041404).png


Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"The Farnsworth Parabox" 1 Leela tells the parallels selves that they came out with their weird colours. Addition Deleted Scene (041501).png
2 After Leela 1 and Fry 1 explains they are married, Fry A is sadden by the fact that his mother didn't get him the green jacket. Addition Deleted Scene (041502).png
3 Amy 1 says she cannot be mad at Amy A because it gives her wrinkles. Addition Deleted Scene (041503).png
"Three Hundred Big Boys" 1 Richard Nixon on the bill explains that using the note automatically gives your vote to him in the next election. Addition Deleted Scene (041601).png
2 Hattie is seen having bought a giraffe neck from the Organ Dealer. Addition Deleted Scene (041602).png
3 Bender convinces himself to continue the burglary, but announces that the shopkeeper seduced his sister. Addition Deleted Scene (041603).png
"Spanish Fry" 1 We see several simulations of alternative noses on Fry. Addition Deleted Scene (041701).png
2 We see a blob coming out of the sex shoppe. Addition Deleted Scene (041702).png
3 Lrrr tells Ndnd there are some magazines she doesn't have, and asks to why she don't go out and buy them. Addition Deleted Scene (041703).png
"The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" 1 Bender asks Fry if his holophonor lessons are going to interrupt whatever he would have been doing. (Note: This scene was also included in the table reading.) Addition Deleted Scene (041801).png
2 Mrs. Mellonger explains to Fry that he has what musicians call "stupid fingers". (Note: This scene was also included in the table reading.) Addition Deleted Scene (041802).png
3 Fry asks the Robot Devil if we don't stick by our deals, then what are we? (Note: This scene was also included in the table reading.) Addition Deleted Scene (041803).png
4 Fry warns Leela about him asking her out for a real date after the opera. (Note: This scene was also included in the table reading.) Addition Deleted Scene (041804).png

Season 5

Bender's Big Score

No. Description Type Image

The Beast with a Billion Backs

No. Description Type Image

Bender's Game

No. Description Type Image
1 When the Anti-backwards Crystal releases a high frequency stink, Cubert is buying ice cream. Replacement ?

Into the Wild Green Yonder

No. Description Type Image
1 Morbo's news report on Channel √2 News about the Feministas behind bars is extended. He mentions that former co-anchor Linda van Schoonhoven has also gone to jail, and cries when he mentions her name. (It can be viewed here) Addition Deleted Scene (050402).jpg
2 When Fry is reading people's thoughts, Mom's, Calculon's, Leo Wong's thoughts are different. Also, Inez Wong gets her thoughts read. Different dialogue Deleted Scene (050401).jpg

Season 6

Volume 5

Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"Rebirth" 1 When the Hypnotoad appears on screen right in the beginning, Bender's voice announces that people will forget the series was ever cancelled "by idiots" and later revived "by bigger idiots". This was the scene originally aired on Comedy Central; it was altered for the DVD. Different dialogue Hypnotoad.png
2 When Fry goes to the Build-A-Bot Workshop, he asks the paper-hatted salesman, the clerk, about the price, which is "fifty smackers". When Fry asks if that is a lot, the salesman answers that it is, because Fry has to build it himself, and his time is valuable. Fry is confused. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV01.png
"Attack of the Killer App" 1 When the new eyePhone is released and everyone rushes to buy it, Dr. Ben Beeler is trampled by the crowd. Being trampled and in agony, he says "tell my wife I love her", and a woman (presumably his wife) stops by and says "I love you too, but you move too slow". Addition Deleted scene 6ACV03.png
"The Duh-Vinci Code" 1 In the montage of Fry building the Macchina Magnifica with Leonardo da Vinci, and the Professor trying to keep up with the Vincian studies, there is a scene in which the Professor sit by Biff and they get their grades. The name "Biff" transform into just spelling "B", while "Farnsworth" transforms into A, and Farnsworth laughs at Biff. The F in "Farnsworth" then return, and the A is turned into a -, making his grade F-. Biff laughs at him. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV05.png
"Lethal Inspection" 1 In the Sith-il War Re-enactment, the Professor is complaining about his leg. Zoidberg assumes that it is gangrene, and takes a rusty saw and ensues sawing off the leg. When the Professor starts yelling out in pain, Zoidberg tells him to relax, because the saw is too rusty to cut anything but flesh. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV06 - 1.png
2 After Bender talks about his backup unit and says "I never said I wasn't a drama queen", Fry is poked by one of the Sith re-enactors, and pretends to die. Bender lights a cigar, laughs, and says "I'm so much better than humans, it's sick!" Addition Deleted scene 6ACV06 - 2.png
3 When Bender and Hermes gets on the train to escape the Killbots, they use a hobo as shield. The hobo says that bullets generally go through him, and after the Killbots have fired repeatedly at him (off-screen) he says "yes sir, that just substantiated my thesis". Addition Deleted scene 6ACV06 - 3.png
"The Late Philip J. Fry" 1 Before Fry gets the work, Dr. John A. Zoidberg talks to the crew about the Save a Squid programme, in which Planet Express adopts an underprivileged squid and sends 12 cents a day to feed it. When the squid is adult, Zoidberg gets to eat it. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV07.png
2 After the final scene with Fry and Leela on the bridge, and Bender digging the grave for the "old" Bender, Professor and Fry, Bender can be seen kicking them into the grave. The final shot is Fry's grotesque, dead face hitting the camera. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV07 - 2.png
"That Darn Katz!" 1 Looney Tunes character Marvin the Martian is seen as a student at Mars University at his locker. He sees Amy Wong furious that she was denied her doctorate and concludes that "someone must be angry, very angry indeed". Addition Deleted scene 6ACV08.png
2 When the Earth suddenly stops rotating, the Miami Peanut Butter Machine falls upon the C+C Chocolate Factory. The owners of each factory lay together in the ruins, arguing about what factory destroyed the other. One can be heard chewing on something and remarks that it tastes pretty good, whereupon the other remarks that he is eating his intestines. Both yell in horror. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV08 - 2.png
3 Leela apologizes to Nibbler for letting that darn cat come between them. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV08 - 3.png
"A Clockwork Origin" 1 After the trilobots destroy the Planet Express ship, Bender remarks that while they are stranded to die, it is more important to note that he was correct about robots' ability to evolve. He starts dancing the Bender. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV09.png
2 After Fry has been kidnapped by the pterodactyl robots, Bender says that he doesn't want to help the crew kill innocent robots because it is immoral, plus he is scared. He runs off screen. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV09 - 2.png
"The Prisoner of Benda" 1 Zoidberg (in the body of Fry) takes Emperor Nikolai (in the body of Wash bucket) to his real home, a container of junk. Emperor Nikolai admit that he is not Bender, but an emperor who has yet to see everyday commoner life. Zoidberg points out that he still hasn't seen his squatting parlor. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV10.png
"Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences" 1 Victor talks about the Thundercougarfalconbird's 3011 edition, and asks Lrrr if he is a big enough jerk for it. In the original version, Lrrr is only seen inside the car with Victor standing beside it, but there is no dialogue. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV11.png
2 After Lrrr shoots Fry, he and Ndnd discusses what to do when they come home. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV11 - 2.png
"The Mutants Are Revolting" 1 When the crew enters Mrs. Astor's home, Hobsy lead them through the Dalmatian room (where the nitro-glycerine cake is later thrown). Addition Deleted scene 6ACV12.png
2 The documentary on sewer mutants is extended. It tells the story of how people worked in the tunnels of Old New York, but were trapped there due to the First Destruction of New York City in 2308. This deleted scene sees both a vastly extended knowledge of the history of the sewer mutants, and the introduction of the Falafel cart man. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV12 - 2.png
"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" 1 The Norwegian seed guard shows the crew around the seed vault, and Zoidberg eats some seeds. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV13.png
2 Nixon and Kissinger, in place of Cheney in the broadcasted episode, discuss bringing Christmas cheer to the voters. Replacement Deleted scene 6ACV13 - 2.png
3 The scene with forests cropping up in New New York is extended, and includes a hotel being totally destroyed, and a little girl with a cat being pushed up into a tree right after a fireman helped getting the cat down. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV13 - 3.png

Volume 6

Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"Möbius Dick" 1 Amy questions why everyone is wearing rubber shoes and gloves during an Ion Storm. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV15 - 1.png
2 After several days in space, the crew complain about the lack of word search puzzles, food and water. Bender announces that he has "robo-scurvy", before showing off a digital goitre. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV15 - 2.png
3 Leela whips Bender with an invisible Cat o' nine tails. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV15 - 3.png
"Law and Oracle" 1 At the police graduation Chief O'Mannahan introduces Connor O'Bocop, a retired cyborg peace officer. During his speech, his programming fails, and the crowd responds with applause. Two officers drag the body away, with the Chief telling them to "give his face to his widow, and toss the rest". Addition Deleted scene 6ACV16 - 1.png
"Benderama" 1 Leela thinks back to her senior prom, which she did not actually attend as her crush ended up going with her best friend Cynthia Cutler. Fry walks past and remarks that Cynthia "sounds hot", prompting Leela to slap him. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV17 - 1.png
2 A montage of the Benders consuming alcohol. Gus' wine vanishes before the drink can touch his lips. The jar juice for W.C. Fields' head drains, and the Cornhol Corn Ethanol Power Plant loses power when all the ethanol is consumed. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV17 - 2.png
3 After Professor Farnsworth explains that the Benders are turning water into alcohol, a montage is shown. The sea at Martinique is consumed, prompting a surfer to run into a sign that turns into Martini. The Rea Sea becomes the Johnnie Walker Red Sea and Lake Mead becomes Mead Lake. Back at Planet Express, the crew learn that all water on Earth has been consumed. Everyone boards the ship, but it is immediately destroyed by the Benders. Hermes says that they should just "die with dignity", at which point the Benders consume everyone's clothes. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV17 - 3.png
"The Tip of the Zoidberg" 1 Mom arrives at her secret military facility, smashing the limo door into the driver's face. A family of beggars describe Mom as "the kindly billionare who spits dimes at the less fortunate". Mom rapidly spits dimes at the family, who crouch down to pick them up. Mom walks over them, crushing their spines. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV18 - 1.png
2 Zoidberg reads Murder on the Orient Express, before deeming it "completely implausible" and shouting "Up yours Agatha Christie!" Addition Deleted scene 6ACV18 - 2.png
"Neutopia" 1 Professor Farnsworth announces that Planet Express is being foreclosed upon, and Leo and Inez Wong enter the room with a real estate agent, apparently househunting. This was originally to lead to an alternate ending for the episode, in which the Wongs purchase Planet Express and rescue the company. Replacement Deleted scene 6ACV20 - 1.png
2 The big rock alien declares his disgust for Hermes and LaBarbara, having evidently witnessed them making love the previous night. LaBarbara concedes that "some of the stuff we were doing toward the end might have been pushing it". Addition Deleted scene 6ACV20 - 2.png
"Yo Leela Leela" 1 Leela tells the orphans a different story, featuring a "silly orange haired boob". The children hate Leela's story, and she laments "my relationship with the boob is complex". Replacement Deleted scene 6ACV21 - 1.png
2 Scoop Chang interviews an egotistical Leela, who tells him he should be asking her whether she has a man in her life, a question which Leela would find offensive. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV21 - 2.png
3 Original and alternate ending for the episode. Instead of adopting the orphans, Abner Doubledeal opens an amusement park on Rumbledy-Hump, and takes a majority share of income due to the Humplings having a terrible lawyer. A mortified Leela complains about the park, but the Humplings announce their joy at being famous. Warden Vogel thanks Leela for providing the orphans with a field trip. Leela begs for everyone to blame her, but is given a bat by the orphans, which she uses to beat up the lawyer. Replacement Deleted scene 6ACV21 - 3.png
"Fry Am the Egg Man" 1 Fry, Leela and Bender search for a suitable fast-food restaurant. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV22 - 1.png
2 After eating fast food, Fry breaks out with severe acne. Bender insults Fry about it, but the latter's response is cut short by a sudden heart attack. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV22 - 2.png
"Cold Warriors" 1 The crew head for Fry's poorly-constructed ice shanty. As everyone goes inside, the shack expands. Hermes is unable to shut the door, so he asks the crew to exhale, which restores the shack to its regular shape and allows him to successfully close it. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV24 - 1.png
2 After the DOOP fails to prevent the crew escaping the Manhattan quarantine, a red phone on the Nimbus bridge rings. Kif announces "president on line one", to which an embarassed Zapp responds "disconnect line one". Addition Deleted scene 6ACV24 - 2.png
"Overclockwise" 1 The scene with Mom finding out who defeated her sons at World of World War II 3 is extended, with Bender high-fiving Cubert, an "80s-style mannequin" and a priceless ming vase, which breaks. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV25 - 2.png
2 The Professor and Cubert are in a police line-up. Mom, in her matron disguise, points out the felon before fainting. Chief O'Mannahan asks about Cubert, to which Mom suddenly awakens and also accuses. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV25 - 3.png
3 Bender places his feet on the table and rapidly moves his hands in between his legs while rocking back and forth, giving the appearance of furiously masturbating. Amy recoils in horror and asks him to "quit hacking off", to which Bender reveals the laptop he's typing on. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV25 - 1.png
4 Bender explains to Hermes that overclocking is like a "marvellous drug that seems to make time stand still", a concept to which Hermes can evidently relate. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV25 - 4.png
5 A depressed Fry plays his holophonor on the bridge in Central Park. A variety of sad scenes produced by the instrument are shown; Fry being thrown off a Leela unicorn, Fry riding a Bender rocket and getting stabbed in the eye by the moon, and a bird stealing the holophonor. Fry is then suddenly hit by a bus. Replacement Deleted scene 6ACV25 - 5.png
"Reincarnation" 1 Bender steals a hammer and hits himself with it, causing himself to die and vanish. He instantly respawns amongst the group, much to his annoyance (Note: This scene is not shown in the deleted scenes featurette, but is shown in "Reincarnation Explained! with Peter Avanzino!") Addition Deleted scene 6ACV26 - 2.png
2 The crew watch TV, as "Everybody Loves Hypno-Frogger" comes on. Hypno-Frogger hypnotises the passing traffic, which causes them to freeze and allow Hypno-Frogger to cross the road safely. Addition Deleted scene 6ACV26 - 1.png

Season 7

Volume 7

Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"The Bots and the Bees" 1 An episode of All My Circuits where Calculon carries Monique across the aisle after they've married, with Calculon only upset that Monique botched his murder. Addition
2 At The Rosie D. and Robbie T. Robot Teen Center, the Spotty Teen Robot bemoans the awkward changes his body is going through when his arm flies off and knocks over Tinny Tim. A counselor assures him and Fat-bot that the changes their bodies are experiencing are perfectly natural, including "unwanted boing". When the counselor is asked what he means, he responds by showing the two a pin-up of Monique, which causes a comical "boing" sound. Addition
3 In contrast to the final episode where Leela discovers Bev to have another baby that has no dialogue, Fry discovers the new soda baby and the child says "Awight". Replacement
"Farewell to Arms" 1 Bender runs the Mayan calendar over a falafel stand. The vendor rises from the wreckage to promise he'll give Bender a falafel in Hell. Addition
2 Morbo lashes out over Linda getting to go on the exodus to Mars and uses a pair of Emmys to destroy his co-anchor's empty chair. He is then informed that nothing is being broadcast, afterwards we see Fry watching a TV set that isn't even on. Addition
"Decision 3012" 1 Leela notices that there aren't that many other candidates. Chris Travers informs her that she's actually looking at the audience watching the debate. Addition
2 On the journey to Our Lady of Patriotism Hospital, Fry complains about Leela's machete cutting his toes off. Leela tells him to hold onto his toes and suck it up because they're almost at the hospital. Addition
"The Thief of Baghead" 1 The Planet Express crew are rowing and Farnsworth keeps yelling "Stroke!" Leela answers that she can hear him and Farnsworth replies that he is announcing that he's having a stroke rather than ordering the crew to stroke. Addition
2 A clip of Langdon Cobb performing in a parody of [Forrest Gump] called Life is Like a Box of Bags. Cobb's character says that there are two things he likes, his shoes and the woman sitting next to him. The woman corrects him that what he likes are actually three things, to which he responds that he only likes his shoes. Addition
3 Bender tries to catch Langdon Cobb taking his bag off when he's eating and when he's applying wrinkle cream, to no success. Addition
"The Butterjunk Effect" 1 After Leela and Amy decide to participate in the Butterfly Derby, the Hydroponic Farmer announces that he's going to get some crystal meth and a big ol' corndog. Addition
2 Leela asks if there are any side effects to Nectar. When told that the only side effects are great admiration and praise, as well as endorsement deals, Leela only bemoans that she was right about there being side effects. Addition
"The Six Million Dollar Mon" 1 Roberto demonstrates that he'll eat Bender's peelings before he does so to Hermes. Addition
"Fun on a Bun" 1 Bender makes a drink using ice from the Planet Express ship's air con before melting the ice on the ground with the ship's engines. Addition
2 Bender tells everyone that they have to go back to Oktoberfest because his sausage made the finals. Leela looks worryingly at her chicken hat upon hearing about Oktoberfest, before saying "Sounds like fun! I can't remember the last time I had a good sausage." This prompts Bender to say "I can, and it went by the name of-", being interrupted by Scruffy placing a plunger on his mouth before he can say "Fry". Addition
3 Zapp Brannigan tells Leela that they will battle the giant sloth with the fastest attack ship ever built. The ship accelerates away so quickly that it ends up 7 galaxies away, prompting Leela to say "Next!" Addition
"Free Will Hunting" 1 Bender decides to become a hardcore rapper and enjoys a lot of success with his hit single "D€¢I$IONZ I Made". The Robot Mafia end up threatening him into giving away all the royalties to his music and this is what leads to him robbing girl scouts. Replacement
2 The Striped-tie lawyer makes his case against Bender during Bender's trial by referencing "D€¢I$IONZ I Made". Addition
"31st Century Fox" 1 Bender gets attacked by a tiger Addition
"Viva Mars Vegas" 1 Leela announces to the others that her parents have invited them to the sewers' annual running of the rats. Amy offers to instead bring everyone to Mars Vegas. Leela confides to Fry that this was her plan all along. Addition
2 Donbot tries to coerce Leo Wong into handing him over the deed to the casino by threatening to get rid of his wife. Leo isn't intimidated, so Donbot instead threatens to bury Leo alive. When Leo still doesn't take Donbot seriously, he is intimidated into compliance when he is informed his wife will be buried with him. Addition
"Naturama" 1 A fish version of Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate appears and Bender-fish asks if they have ears because he thinks he hears something, afterwards the salmon all go down a waterfall. Addition
2 Leela the salmon finds the task of laying her eggs very painful and asks how many she is supposed to be laying. The narrator tells her she is to lay 5,000 eggs, much to her dismay. Addition

Volume 8

Placement Description Type Image
Episode No.
"Forty Percent Leadbelly" 1 Bender has to delete some porn in his hard drive to make room for the digital copy of Silicon Red's guitar Salmonella. Addition
2 When Bender begs Fry for help, Fry complains by asking what if he had been with a lady. In response to Fry's question, Bender laughs. Addition
"T.: The Terrestrial" 1 When the Planet Express crew bypass the border to Omicron Persei 8, Hermes poorly disguises himself as an Omicronian named Hrrr, which causes Zapp Brannigan to get confused about the gender of the Omicronian Hermes is pretending to be. Addition
"Fry and Leela's Big Fling" 1 Instead of coming out of one of the Planet Express building's locker like Leela when the couple are waiting to have the place to themselves, Fry jumps through the window. Replacement
2 When Bender, Amy and Zoidberg make the delivery to Simian 7, Bender berates the customers coming to remove the wheels from the tires for office chairs as "damn dirty executives". Addition
"The Inhuman Torch" 1 Bender shows off a scrapbook of the times he heroically put out fires. Addition
"Saturday Morning Fun Pit" 1 The "G.I. Zapp" segment has the heroes reveal to the leader of A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. that they have detonators in their heads set to go off if they get killed, which doesn't deter their enemy at all. Addition
2 When the cartoon block ends with a golf marathon, Richard Nixon's head tells Agnew that they should go play outside. Addition
"Calculon 2.0" 1 Calculon has a control panel Bender fiddles with that causes him to impersonate various actors. The actors Calculon impersonates are Orson Welles, Peter O'Toole, William Shatner, Charlton Heston, Richard Harris and Jerry Lewis. Addition
"Assie Come Home" 1 A shot of a homeless alien dog clutching a bottle of alcohol is shown on the streets. Addition
2 Fry, Bender and Leela recover Bender's eyes from Mrs. Astor. Addition
3 Tarquin rambles and Fry, Leela and Bender decide to get away before their lives are at risk. Addition
"Leela and the Genestalk" 1 Fry ponders the circumstances of Leela's disappearance, then gets knocked out by falling debris. Addition
2 Fry, Leela and Bender try to escape the giant by entering a mousehole, where they find two human/mouse hybrids and ask whether they're man or mouse. Addition
"Game of Tones" 1 The sound of Digby's key fob impresses the would-be mate of a disappointed parrot and angers a swami trying to meditate. Addition
2 After Hermes tries to use Shazam to identify the melody, Bender sings "Bender is great" to the app, identifying it as a song by that very title that Bender apparently wrote himself. Addition
3 Scruffy tries to stimulate Fry's brain to remember the source of the melody by playing it on a kazoo. Addition
4 During Fry's montage of bonding with his family in his dream, Yancy Fry Sr. lights the fireplace by throwing a grenade at it. Addition
"Stench and Stenchibility" 1 Roberto tries to mug Zoidberg and Marianne, but realizes he forgot he already robbed them. Addition
2 Marianne talks of how she's okay with a cheap date. Addition
3 Zoidberg and Marianne watch a drive-in movie. Addition
4 A different montage of Zoidberg and Marianne's relationship is shown, which includes a shot of Tinny Tim holding up a newspaper announcing that World War IV has ended. Replacement
"Meanwhile" 1 Fry gets upset when Leela drifts away when he tries to hug her while they're on a carnival ride. Leela tries to assure him that she's not deliberately keeping away from him and that it's only a gravitational force. Addition
2 Bender tells Fry he can't go out because he has no pants on. Addition
3 Zoidberg loses a claw to the effects of time resetting when he tries to reach outside of the time shelter for "half a Kit Cat" (actually half of a dead cat). After Bender explains that Fry has the Time button, Zoidberg comes up with a plan to slowly add a tunnel to the time shelter and periodically retreat back inside whenever time resets. Addition, Replacement