Simian 7

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Simian 7
Simian 7.png
Simian 7 in 3013. [7ACV17]
Inhabited byPrimates
First appearance"Fry and Leela's Big Fling" (7ACV17)

Simian 7 is the planet of the primates. According to Guenter, it was colonised by a band of genetically engineered primates from Earth, led by the brave monkey Christopher Colobus. [7ACV17] The primates harbor resentment towards humans, because humans experimented on them and caged them in zoos for centuries, and so humans are forbidden on the planet. Simian 7 has its own literature, music, and art, and also a great maritime museum.

In 3013, Planet Express made a delivery to a financial-services corporation there, and Fry and Leela, as well as Leela's old boyfriend Sean and his wife — Darlene —, were the subject of a behavioural experiment in one of the planet's zoos, which tricked them into thinking that they were on a romantic holiday.

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Simian 7 was first seen in a preview clip for broadcast season 10, in February 2013. [1] It was also featured in Countdown to Futurama promos, in May and June, and mentioned in the weekly American magazine TV Guide, in June. [2]

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A city on Simian 7.


  • "Simian" is the scientific name for the higher primates (monkeys and apes). Despite this Simian 7 features many non-simian primates and forbids humans, which being apes are simians.
  • Season 7 features another planet with the number seven in its name.



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