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This article is about the 30th century version of 20th Century Fox. For other uses, see Fox.
30th Century Fox
30th Century Fox.png
LocationLos Angeles, Earth
First appearance"That's Lobstertainment!" (3ACV08)

30th Century Fox is a future version of 20th Century Fox, whose spotlights are used to blind pilots and film the resulting crashes. [3ACV08] In the 31st century, it produces TV programs such as Futurella, which it cancelled in 3010. [6ACV11] The company first appeared in the real world as an aesthetic change to 20th Century Fox's logo exclusively in the end credits of each episode of Futurama.

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  • Futurama was the first show on Fox allowed to change the production logo at the end of every episode. Originally, Fox denied this request, and Matt Groening funded the new logo himself. After Fox saw it, they decided to allow it and reimbursed him.
  • Beginning with "The Impossible Stream," the logo at the end of the credits is changed to "30th Television Animation" to reflect the reorganized 20th Century Animation under The Walt Disney Company.


This list does not deal with appearances of the 30th Century Fox live-action logo, as this appears at the end of the credits of every episode and film.