Barack Obama

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Tertiary character
Barack Obama
Barack Obama.png
Barack Obama delivering a pizza for Mr. Panucci in 1988 (6ACV24).
Date of birth4 August, 1961
ProfessionFormer President of the United States,
Former delivery boy
First appearance"Cold Warriors" (6ACV24)
Voiced byPhil LaMarr
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Barack Hussein Obama II was the 44th president of the United States. In the 31st century, it is possible that he resides at the Head Museum, New New York along with the other former U.S. presidents (while never seen).

In 1988, he was seen by Philip J. Fry's family when they held their Thanksgiving dinner at Panucci's Pizza (6ACV24). Obama was working as a delivery boy for Mr. Panucci, and while making a delivery he decided to return to law school.

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The Richard Nixon "Despair" poster (6ACV04).