Chainsaw-Eating Robot

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Tertiary character
Chainsaw-Eating Robot
Chainsaw-Eating Robot.jpg
The robotic chainsaw-eater salting his food.
First appearance"The Prisoner of Benda" (6ACV10)
Voiced byUnknown

The unnamed Chainsaw-Eating Robot is a Robo-Hungarian immigrant in New New York who works in Circus Roboticus under Fishy Joe.

This robot learned about the duel between his Emperor (actually Bender in Nikolai's body) and Basil, a traitor to the Robo-Hungarian Empire, after watching the news on the TV Robot. He helped Nonchalanto (Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth in Bender's body) find a means of transport to the United Nations National Assembly. Together with Nonchalanto, the Robot Clowns, Big Bertha and the TV Robot, he is responsible for the assassination of Basil. Therefore, he can be considered a Robo-Hungarian hero.

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    Chainsaw-Eating Robot: That devil Basil will kill our Emperor!