Robot Clowns

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Tertiary characters
Robot Clowns
Robot Clowns.jpg
The Robot Clowns with Fishy Joe, their boss.
Planet of originRobo-Hungary, Earth
First appearance"The Prisoner of Benda" (6ACV10)
Voiced byUnknown

The Robot Clowns are a group of Robo-Hungarian midget clowns who work for Circus Roboticus. Their boss, Fishy Joe, doesn't seem to like them very much, as he is often seen ordering them around with arrogance. They killed Basil in the United Nations General Assembly. A Robot Clown was later seen at the 100th Delivery Party that Bender threw during the Devolution Revolution in September of 3010.

Additional Info


  • The concept of Robot Clowns might come from one of the shows of the Omnicircus or Doctor Who, a science-fiction TV programme.


    Fishy Joe: Look, I paid for 15 Robot Clowns per cubic meter a car, and you're barely giving me 12. Now crumple up and get in... and fasten your seat belts.
    Robot Clown: Oh, come on!