Devolution Revolution

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Devolution Revolution
New New York Post.jpg
The revolution reported in the New New York Post.
DateSeptember of 3010
LocationNew New York, Earth
ResultVictory to Side A
Appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting" (6ACV12)
Side ASide B
Sewer Mutants
Planet Express crew
New New York
Turanga Leela
Mutated Fry
Mayor Poopenmeyer
Mrs. Astor
Every Mutant, control of the pipe systems, Quantum GemeraldI See BM missile
NoneNone, Madison Cube Garden destroyed

The Devolution Revolution occurred in September of 3010 on Earth. The Sewer Mutants, commanded by Turanga Leela and a thought-to-be mutated Philip J. Fry, claimed equal rights and equal access to the surface of New New York. Leela led a giant army of Mutants to victory against prejudiced Humans, who would later grant the sewer people their freedom.


After making their 100th delivery, the Planet Express crew was invited by Mrs. Astor to a fundraiser. During a conversation with the host, Philip J. Fry accidentally revealed that Leela was a mutant, and Smitty and Url deported her to the NNY Sewers. Once reunited with the others, who had been sentenced to two weeks down there for intentionally harboring her, Leela started the Devolution Revolution. It officially began with a Devo concert in which the band played "Beautiful World".

The Mutants came onto the surface to signal their revolution. The sewer side recurred to a priceless quantum force gemerald as a weapon, while the surface side used an I See BM missile. In the course of the battle, Madison Cube Garden was severely damaged. It wasn't until the fight was over that Fry emerged out of a sewer hole with Leela's Grandmother, who told the story of a mutated Mr. Astor and his life-saving actions. Fascinated by her husband's humanity, Mrs. Astor convinced Mayor Poopenmeyer to finally grant the Sewer Mutants their freedom, thus making them regular Earthicans.

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  • This battle is partially named after Devo.