Countdown to Futurama 2011

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The logo for Countdown to Futurama 2011.
The logo for Countdown to Reincarnation.
Name (with link)
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Episode Date posted Type Image
First Clip of the New Episodes "Neutopia" 4 May, 2011 Video Futurama 620 tease rev V6.jpg
Female Zoidberg "Neutopia" 5 May, 2011 Concept art 620-Female-Zoidberg.jpg
Amy, Fry and Leela Sleeping Together "Neutopia" 6 May, 2011 Still 620-Sleeping.jpg
Planet Express Ship Dressed as an Airplane "Neutopia" 7 May, 2011 Concept art 620-Airplane-Ship.jpg
Photo Shoot Storyboards "Neutopia" 8 May, 2011 Storyboard 620-Board A.jpg
Patton Oswalt Is the Unattractive Giant Monster "Benderama" 9 May, 2011 Concept art 617-Giant-Monster.jpg
Multiple Benders "Benderama" 10 May, 2011 Still 617-Benders.jpg
Unattractive Giant Monster's Order Storyboards "Benderama" 11 May, 2011 Storyboard 617-Board A.jpg
Three Benders on a Bike "Benderama" 12 May, 2011 Still 617-Cycle.jpg
Giant Bender vs. Unattractive Giant Monster "Benderama" 13 May, 2011 Still 617-Giants.jpg
Female Scruffy "Neutopia" 14 May, 2011 Concept art 620-Female-Scruffy.jpg
Robot Devil "Ghost in the Machines" 15 May, 2011 Still 619-Robot-Devil.jpg
Zapp Brannigan Earthican Pride Float "Ghost in the Machines" 16 May, 2011 Concept art 619-Float.jpg
Ghost Bender "Ghost in the Machines" 17 May, 2011 Still 619-Ghost-Bender.jpg
Fry Gets the Keys to the City "Ghost in the Machines" 18 May, 2011 Storyboard 619-Board A.jpg
Fry and Bender's Ghost Sleeping "Ghost in the Machines" 19 May, 2011 Still 619-Sleeping.jpg
Police Station "Law and Oracle" 20 May, 2011 Concept art 616-Police-Station.jpg
D. Frosted Wang Storyboard "Law and Oracle" 21 May, 2011 Storyboard 616-Board A.jpg
Crushinator Design "The Silence of the Clamps" 22 May, 2011 Concept art 614-Crushinator.jpg
Robot Mistrial "The Silence of the Clamps" 23 May, 2011 Storyboard 614-Board A.jpg
Yo Leela Leela Costumes "Yo Leela Leela" 24 May, 2011 Concept art 621-Costumes.jpg
Blinged-Out Bender "Yo Leela Leela" 25 May, 2011 Concept art 621-Bender-Bling.jpg
Extreme Toddler Wrestling "Yo Leela Leela" 26 May, 2011 Storyboard 621-Board A.jpg
British Planet Express "All the Presidents' Heads" 27 May, 2011 Concept art 623-Planet-Express.jpg
English Nibbler "All the Presidents' Heads" 28 May, 2011 Concept art 623-English-Nibbler.jpg
Counterfeiter Storyboards "All the Presidents' Heads" 29 May, 2011 Storyboard 623-Board A.jpg
Mr. Peppy "Fry Am the Egg Man" 30 May, 2011 Concept art 622-Mr-Peppy.jpg
Kids Meal Storyboards "Fry am the Egg Man" 31 May, 2011 Storyboard 622-Board A.jpg
Planet Express Ship with Sails "Möbius Dick" 1 June, 2011 Concept art 615-Sail-Ship.jpg
Zoidberg Crash Storyboards "Möbius Dick" 2 June, 2011 Storyboard 615-Board A.jpg
Triton Base Camp "The Tip of the Zoidberg" 3 June, 2011 Concept art 618-Base.jpg
Yeti Hunting Storyboards "The Tip of the Zoidberg" 4 June, 2011 Storyboard 618-Board A.jpg
Guinea Pig Astronaut "Cold Warriors" 5 June, 2011 Concept art 624-Guinea-Pig.jpg
Broom Fight Storyboards "Cold Warriors" 6 June, 2011 Storyboard 624-Board A.jpg
Insider Bender's Head "Overclockwise" 7 June, 2011 Concept art 625-Benders-Head.jpg
Video Game Fry "Overclockwise" 8 June, 2011 Concept art 625-Fry.jpg
Hoverfish Storyboards "Overclockwise" 9 June, 2011 Storyboard 625-Boards A.jpg
Fleischer-Style Bender "Reincarnation" 10 June, 2011 Concept art 626-Bender.jpg
Fleischer-Style Nibbler "Reincarnation" 11 June, 2011 Concept art 626-Nibbler.jpg
Anime Fry "Reincarnation" 12 June, 2011 Concept art 626-Fry-Anime.jpg
Anime Robot Wizard Battle "Reincarnation" 13 June, 2011 Storyboard 626-Board A.jpg
Anime Leela and Bender "Reincarnation" 14 June, 2011 Concept art 626-Anime.jpg
Infinite Benders "Benderama" 15 June, 2011 Video Futurama 617 sneakpeek V6.jpg
Light Cycle Chase "Law and Oracle" 16 June, 2011 Video Futurama 616 sneakpeek V6.jpg
Magnificent Squeezers "The Silence of the Clamps" 17 June, 2011 Video Futurama 614 sneakpeek V6.jpg
You Have the 'Poon "Möbius Dick" 18 June, 2011 Video Futurama 615 sneakpeek V6.jpg
Get the Ball "Fry am the Egg Man" 19 June, 2011 Video Futurama 622 sneakpeek V6.jpg
Inside Out Bender "Overclockwise" 20 June, 2011 Video Futurama 625 sneakpeek V6.jpg
Action Delivery Force "Reincarnation" 21 June, 2011 Video Futurama 626 sneakpeek V6.jpg
Desert Reference Photos "Neutopia" 22 June, 2011 Photo set 620-Reference A.jpg

Countdown to Reincarnation

See Reincarnation.
Name (with link)
(links are dead)
Date posted Type Image
Futurama: Countdown to Reincarnation 2 September, 2011 Still set 8bit-crew.jpg 8bit-hawking.jpg
Futurama: Countdown to Reincarnation – Fleischer-Style Farnsworth and Leela 2 September, 2011 Still set Fleischer-telescope.jpg Fleischer-planet-express1.jpg
Futurama: Countdown to Reincarnation – Anime Planet Express Crew 6 September, 2011 Still and Countdown to Futurama 2011 video Anime-crew.jpg Futurama 626 sneakpeek V6.jpg
Futurama: Countdown to Reincarnation – Anime Storyboards 6 September, 2011 Storyboard Anime-storyboard A.jpg
Futurama: Countdown to Reincarnation – Fleischer-Style Crew 7 September, 2011 Still Fleischer-crew.jpg
Futurama: Countdown to Reincarnation – 8-Bit Preview 7 September, 2011 Video Futurama 626 preview 640x360.jpg
Futurama: Countdown to Reincarnation – Fleischer-Style Character Designs 8 September, 2011 Concept-art set Fleischer-professor-amy.jpg
Futurama: Countdown to Reincarnation – Fleischer-Style Storyboards 8 September, 2011 Storyboard Fleischer-storyboard A1.jpg