Extreme Toddler Wrestling

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Extreme Toddler Wrestling
Extreme Toddler Wrestling.jpg
Country of originEarth (probably)
First appearance"Yo Leela Leela" (6ACV21)

Extreme Toddler Wrestling is a sport television program, featuring two toddlers fighting each other in a crib, both hand-to-hand and with objects such as chairs. The show resembles the 21st century wrestling programmes, but it is not known if it is rigged, like Ultimate Robot Fighting.


A storyboard from "Yo Leela Leela", featuring the programme, was released by the Countdown to Futurama on 26 May. On 12 June, a picture from the episode, featuring the programme, was leaked. Originally, the show was going to be broadcast from the "Macho Man" Randy Savage daycare center, but due to the poor timing of the episode airing three months and one day after Savage's death, it was renamed the Rowdy Roddy Piper Daycare Center. If you watch the episode with the commentary on, the day care center line had not been changed yet, so the original line is still heard.

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