Grumpy Snail (character)

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Tertiary character
The Grumpy Snail character
Grumpy Snail
Well Dressed Grumpy Snail.jpg
The Grumpy Snail advertising Fry's Greatest Holophonor Hits. [4ACV18]
First appearance"The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"
GrowlingMaurice LaMarche
SpeakingDan Castellaneta
This article is about the character. For the piece of music from which it is from, see The Grumpy Snail.

The Grumpy Snail is the main character of the eponymous piece of music written for the Holophonor. The holographic projection depicts the snail crawling on a tree branch towards the audience, but what (if anything) else the snail does past the beginning of the piece is unknown. [4ACV18]

Monster Snail

Despite its name, the snail isn't always grumpy. Its temperament seems to depend on the skill of the holophonor player. Fry's initial inability to play would turn him into a monster that terrified the audience but, after Fry obtained the Robot Devil's hands, the performances improved, and the snail became much more distinguished and professional in appearance. He become a fixture in Fry's music and even had a speaking role in an advertisement for Fry's Greatest Holophonor Hits.

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    The Grumpy Snail: [on TV] Yes. Now you can hear Holophonor virtuoso Philip Fry play 900 of these classic themes in your own home on this two-record set. That's over 30 minutes of music for only $14.99.