The Grumpy Snail

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This article is about the piece of music. For the character within it, see Grumpy Snail (character).

"The Grumpy Snail" is a piece of music written to be played with the Holophonor by those who are beginners with the instrument. The hologram that is produced consists of a snail crawling on a tree branch. Fry tried learning to play the piece in his Holophonor class, but his lack of skill turned the snail into a monster that terrified his audience. [4ACV18] Nevertheless, the holographic snail became a staple of Fry's subsequent musical career, even having a speaking role in an advertisement for Fry's Greatest Holophonor Hits.

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  • "The Grumpy Snail" in D major: F# G A D A c# B A A.