Pauly Shore (character)

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Tertiary character
Special guest
Pauly Shore
Pauly Shore.png
Date of birth1 February, 1968
First appearance"The Cryonic Woman" (2ACV19)
Voiced byPauly Shore
This article is about the Futurama character. For the actor, see Pauly Shore.

Pauly Shore was a famous actor in the 20th century. He starred in Jury Duty II: Trouble on the Hubble, but as a PR stunt, he was frozen to wake up for its 1000th anniversary. [2ACV19] Unfortunately for him Fry had decided to unfreeze him earlier so they could hang out, much to Shore's objections.

When Fry had unfrozen his girlfriend, Michelle, she had difficulties adjusting to life in the 31st century. Hoping to start anew, she decided to freeze both herself and Fry for another thousand years. However, they used Shore's tube. When the people rushing Shore to Los Angeles for the thousandth anniversary of Jury Duty II discovered Shore was not in the tube, they abandoned the tube, still containing Fry and Michelle, in the ditch. Later, Shore began a relationship with Michelle.

Additional Info


    Pauly Shore: [to Fry, after Michelle dumps him] 'Tis better to have loved and lost, n'est ce pas?