Planet Express attack on Roswell Army Air Field

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Planet Express attack on Roswell Army Air Field
Planet Express attack on Roswell Army Air Field.png
Date9 July, 1947
LocationRoswell Army Air Field, New Mexico
ResultPlanet Express victory
Appearance"Roswell that Ends Well" (3ACV19)
Side ASide B
United States ArmyPlanet Express crew
President Harry S. TrumanProfessor Hubert J. Farnsworth
Turanga Leela
Soldiers, planes, tanksPlanet Express ship
Some RAAF facilities destroyedBender's head lost in escape

The Planet Express attack on Roswell Army Air Field took place on 9 July, 1947.



After the Planet Express crew traveled back in time and crash-landed in 1947, Dr. Zoidberg and Bender's body were retrieved by the United States Army and sent to Roswell Army Air Field for analysis. Fry and Bender's head were sent in undercover to rescue the captive crew. Meanwhile, Leela and Professor Farnsworth went into the town of Roswell, New Mexico and tried procuring a microwave to keep the rip in space-time open in order to help them get back to the 31st century. The Professor declared several times for no one to interfere with the flow of time and alter events. Fry ended up meeting his grandfather Enos Fry but accidentally killed him while trying to keep Enos safe, and then Fry slept with Mildred Fry and became his own grandfather. Meanwhile, Leela and the Professor failed in their efforts because the microwave had not been invented in 1947, but Leela noticed the microwave radar dish on the base.

After finding out what Fry did with his grandmother, the Professor declared "Screw history!" and decided to steal the radar dish and get everyone back to their time period before they caused any more damage.

The attack

The attack began with the Planet Express ship launching a graffiti-laden missile at a cache of barrels and proceeded with a laser bombardment of the barracks, causing destruction and a mass panic among the soldiers stationed at the base. Fry and Leela then jetpacked into the laboratory where Dr. Zoidberg was being autopsied upon, and Leela kicked the doctors and President Harry S. Truman. Fry proceeded to throw Dr. Zoidberg's organs at the President, which Zoidberg saw as an honor.

Meanwhile, the Professor (while sleeping) broke into the warehouse where Bender's body was housed and picked it up with his feet. They all returned to the ship and stole the radar dish while the Army, with tanks and soldiers, fired upon the ship with little effect. The crew then flew away with aircraft on their tail firing at the engines. The ship dove into an airplane hangar and abruptly flew upward through the roof, leaving the planes behind and escaping the atmosphere.


During their ascent, Bender's head fell back to Earth just before the ship went through the time hole back to the 31st century. After Zoidberg was patched up Fry went back to the area around Roswell and found Bender's head, still alive after 1055 years.

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