Roswell Army Air Field

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Roswell Army Air Field
Roswell Air Base.png
Placard at the front gate.
LocationNew Mexico, United States of America, Earth
StatusClosed as of 1967
First appearance"Roswell that Ends Well" (3ACV19)
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Roswell Army Air Field (abbreviated RAAF) was a United States Army base located just outside of Roswell, New Mexico. When the Planet Express ship traveled back in time and crashed outside the town on 9 July, 1947, the Army brought Dr. Zoidberg and Bender's body back to the base for scientific analysis. [3ACV19] RAAF is home to many soldiers, airmen, and scientists, is a repository for many planes and tanks, and either is or is near a nuclear weapons testing site. Private First Class Enos Fry was stationed at the base until he met his demise on the testing site after his "grandson" Philip J. Fry took him there in the hope of keeping him safe. As an air base, RAAF is also a radar station and was attacked by the Planet Express crew, who were in need of a radar dish to help them get back to the 31st century.

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