The Tesla Building

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The Tesla Building
The Tesla Building.png
The Tesla Building in 3014. [SABF16] Disputed canon To its right appears to be Old New York's Chrysler Building. Also present are the Bart Simpson creatures. On one of the walls is written "EL BARTO". The sign reads "THE eBOOK OF MORMON" — a reference to the 2011 musical The Book of Mormon.
LocationNew New York
First appearance"Simpsorama"

The Tesla Building is a skyscraper in New New York. [SABF16] Disputed canon It is not far from what looks like Old New York's Chrysler Building, which it appears to be taller than, or from Planet Express. It bears a symbol similar to the logo of the 21st-century electric-car manufacturer Tesla Motors.

In 3014, the building was damaged by a group of creatures with Bart Simpson's D.N.A..


The Tesla Building was first seen in a preview clip screened at the Simpsons Comic-Con panel, which was cut from the episode, on 26 July 2014. [1]

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