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(Professor Farnsworth and Amy using thoughtspikes to communicate.)
Typecommunication device
Owner(s)Professor Farnsworth, Amy
First appearance"Game of Tones"

Thoughtspikes appear to be disposable devices that allow the user to communicate without speaking. Thoughtspikes are pointed on one end, and grow into a larger, trumpet-like shape at the other end. To use, you put the pointy end into your forehead, and it speaks your thoughts through the other end (though it has only been seen translating thoughts into English, it may be able to translate thoughts into any language). Amy and the professor use it to communicate during the approach of a mysterious space ship in 3013.[7ACV23]


The thoughtspike was first seen in a preview clip for 7ACV23,[1] a week before the episode aired.

Additional Info


    Professor Farnsworth: It seems to be emitting musical tones in an effort to communicate.
    Amy: Why don't they just use a thoughtspike like normal people?
    [They each put thoughtspikes in their heads.]
    Professor Farnsworth [through his thoughtspike] I don't know, Amy.



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