Bite my shiny metal ass

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"Bite my shiny metal ass" is one of Bender Bending Rodríguez's most used catchphrases, and it is one of the most famous catchphrases on Futurama, together with the Professor's "Good news, everyone". It is commonly used by Bender as a retort to a comment at his expense. The catchphrase is also Bender's first uttered line on the show, in the pilot to Fry, where he describes his reasoning with that his ass is "shinier than [Fry's]". The other of Bender's common catchphrases is "Me, Bender".

Major appearances

In "War Is the H-Word", Bender was prevented from saying the 'last word' of the quote because he had a bomb inside him which would explode if he said it. It could not be removed, so the word which would blow up a planet was changed to 'antiquing', one of Bender's least said words. Surpisingly, his second most said word was revealed to be 'daffodil'.

After Bender's death in "Ghost in the Machines", Hermes shows a graph of how the usage of the catchphrase has decreased by 98 %. The remaining 2 % is shortly thereafter explained as being of Scruffy's usage.


Already in the first season of the show, the line had been uttered enough to be a joke of itself, as "When Aliens Attack" feature Bender giving a parody of it when his ass is in fact not shiny, but "red-hot glowing". In subsequent episodes, there have been many other variations of the phrase, said by both Bender and other characters. This is sometimes done as a conscious parody of the phrase, such as when Fry tells Bender to "bite [his] shiny metal hat" (ItWGY). In other variations, it is done by characters who are probably unaware of the catch phrase, for example when Princess Num Num says that Bender "sure has a shiny metal bubbledeeboop" (6ACV21).

Additional Info

Nibbler actualy does bite Bender in the ass in "I Second that Emotion" (2ACV01)
. This is the only time such an act is performed.


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