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"Good news" redirects here. For the herbal supplement, see Good News.

"Good news, everyone" is the Professor's catchphrase, and is one of the most prominent catchphrases on Futurama, only contested by "Bite my shiny metal ass".

The Professor often uses it to introduce a delivery for his crew to go on, but also for actual news. The phrase are used often to highlight the fact that it is most often not actually good news. Cubert also has said it on two occasions.

In "Law and Oracle", when Philip J. Fry has quit his job as delivery boy at Planet Express, Amy Wong wonders why Farnsworth did not begin the meeting with his usual catchphrase, to which he explains that he only used it to comfort Fry.


During its usage, the Professor has used different variants of his catchphrase, usually to highlight some actual change. This list shows all variations and their appearances:


  • "Great news, everyone." [1ACV05] [1ACV10] (debuted before normal version did)
  • "Good news everyone! The university is bringing me up on disciplinary charges! Wait, that's not good news at all!" [2ACV10]
  • "Bad news, everyone." [2ACV10] [4ACV12] [6ACV17] [7ACV24]
  • "News, everyone." [3ACV17]
  • "Good news, anyone! The nice robot from Pi-kea have delivered the Super Collider I ordered." [4ACV04]
  • "Bad news, nobody! The Super Collider super exploded." [4ACV04]
  • "You heard the good news, everyone." [4ACV08]
  • "Good news, everyones." [4ACV15] (spoken by Universe 1 Farnsworth)
  • "Bad news, fancymen." [5ACV11]
  • "Good news, crybabies." [5ACV15]
  • "Top secret news, everyone!" [6ACV02]
  • "Good news, nobodies!" [6ACV03]
  • "Impending news, everyone!" [6ACV03]
  • "Good work, everyone!" [6ACV04]
  • "Bad news, me!" [6ACV10] (spoken when Farnsworth has swapped minds with Amy)
  • "Who likes good news? [everyone raises their hands] Everyone? Then good news, everyone!" [6ACV14]
  • "Let's get down to business." [6ACV16] (after which Amy asks if he's going to say his catchphrase, which Farnsworth responds by saying he only said that for Fry's benefit)
  • "Enough good ones, everyone." [6ACV17]
  • "Good news, neuchachos!" [6ACV20]
  • "Good startling news, everyone." [6ACV22]
  • "Movietone news, everyone!" [6ACV26]
  • "Good news, multiplayers." [6ACV26]
  • "News and weather, everyone!" [7ACV02]
  • "Fox news, everyone!" [7ACV11]
  • "Sad news, everyone." [7ACV13]
  • "This is how you treat me, after all the 'good news!' I've given you over the years?" [7ACV15]
  • "If you don't get me more good news, everyone, my arthritis will make me seize up like a dried monkey carcass." [7ACV16]
  • "Good night, everyone." [7ACV17]
  • "I don't know if you've heard the news, but... It's good, everyone!" [7ACV23]
  • "G.N., E.!" [7ACV26]


  • "Excellent happenings, people." [US#002]
  • "Oh my, this isn't good news. This isn't good news at all." [US#026]
  • "Horrible news, everyone!" [US#54]
  • "Glad tidings, everyone!" [US#057]
  • "Good nudes, everyone!" [US#68]

By other characters

  • "Good news! Nobody has to kill him after all." -- Drrr[7ACV16]
  • "Good news, everyone. That's what the Professor would've said if he weren't in jail." [6ACV25] (spoken by Hermes after Farnsworth was sent to prison)

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