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Futurama Comic 68.jpg
Characters on the cover: Joey Mousepad, the Donbot, Clamps and Bender.
US Publish Number68
UK Publish Number(s)67
Written byPatric M. Verrone
Art byMike Kazaleh
Published (US)28 August, 2013
Published (UK)August, 2013

"Futuramarutuf" is the sixty-eighth comic issue, released 28 August, 2013 in the US.

The Story

Have you heard of the 24-Hour Comic? Well, that's nothing compared to the Futurama One Hour Comic - and it can only be delivered by your friends at Planet Express! Prepare for a Mobius "comic" strip brought to you from the inventive and slightly addled mind of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth!

Additional Info


  • This issue and "Meanwhile", which aired exactly one week after this issue was released, both feature devices that are buttons that send the user back in time, in this case 42 minutes.


  • This issue was released on the day that "Stench and Stenchibility" premiered.
  • The issue's title is a palindrome.
  • The issue is presented in a non-standard format, similar to previous Verrone issues "Six Characters in Search of a Story", "Bender Breaks Out" and "Follow the Reader". In this case it can be read front to back, as published, or by reading segments in chronological order based on time indexes placed in various panels.
  • This was the last issue to be released before the end of the second run.
  • An abandoned plot for an episode involved a character moving backwards through time. [citation needed] As an episode writer involved in planning of said episode, Verrone appears to have derived this issue from that idea.
  • Scruffy's watch is evidently capable of syncing up to a local time server.
  • This is the final story to be reprinted in the UK, as the UK issues of Futurama Comics caught up to the American material, resulting in its cancellation.


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