Bendership Galactica

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Bendership Galactica
Futurama Comic 75.jpg
Characters on the cover: Bender, Leela, the professor, Scruffy, Zoidberg, Amy, an owl, Hermes, Fry, Nibbler, Dwight, and Cubert.
US Publish Number75
Written byIan Boothby
Art byJames Lloyd
Published (US)1 July 2015 [1]
Title referenceBattlestar Galactica
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"Bendership Galactica" is the seventy-fifth comic issue, released on 1 July 2015 [1] in the US.

The Story

When the Planet Express ship is destroyed while on a mission in space, the crew including Professor Farnsworth, Amy, and Zoidberg must take refuge in a makeshift spaceship... made out of Bender! Trapped in space without a propulsion system and forced to live in close quarters, the crew must survive not only the many computer viruses infecting the robot but something even more deadly... one another!

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  • Kif's wallet has his name misspelled "KIFF".


    Farnsworth: Fry, what's going on? Give me the short version!
    Fry: Lep--
    Farnsworth: Got it!

    Fry: Also, we need more signs on the doors! I thought a closet was the bathroom and waited for it to be free for hours last night! Also, no one go into that closet!


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