Futurama Comics 82

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Futurama Comics #82
Futurama Comic 82.jpg
US Publish Number82
Written byIan Boothby
Art byN/A
Published (US)May, 2017 (on Futuramaland)
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Content may change rapidly as the release date draws near.

Futurama Comics #82 is the eighty-second comic issue, originally scheduled to be released on 22 February, 2017 in the US. Following the cancellation of Futurama Comics in print, it will instead become the first issue to be exclusively released on the Futuramaland mobile app in May of 2017.

The Story[edit]

The Planet Express crew heads to a desert planet world to take part in a decadent partying event called Burning Mom, where a giant wicker statue of Mom will be burned in effigy. But the event sponsor, Mom herself, has plans to use the proceedings to even the score and rid the world of the revolting revellers.

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Comic Credits[edit]

  • Script
  • Pencils
    • Unknown
  • Inks
    • Unknown
  • Colors
    • Unknown
  • Letters
    • Unknown