Futurama Comics: To Infinity!

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Futurama Comics to Infinity
US Publish Numbers 037, 023, 039, 045
UK Publish Numbers 053, 035, 036, 054, 056
Published (US) 2013 (SDCC)

Futurama Comics to Infinity is a 104 page limited-edition trade paperback released at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. Unlike previous collections, the issues included are non-sequential, and were presumably chosen as examples of some of the better issues from the series in order to increase fan interest.

The Stories[edit]

Issue 37[edit]

"Full Metal Racket" Fry and Leela are "rescued" by Aliens for the Ethical Treatment of Mammals and left on a farm planet where the robotic farm equipment considers them pests.

Issue 23[edit]

"The A-Team" The crew accidentally rescue a previous Planet Express crew from another dimension. As the other crew is better, they are fired.

Issue 39[edit]

"Rust in Peace" Due to Bender's unusually advanced age, he is forced into retirement on the Near-Death Star.

Issue 45[edit]

"Anthology of Interest II" The return of the What-If Machine. For the first time; pretty much everyone from Planet Express gets to ask a question.

Comic Credits[edit]