Chitty Chitty Bend Bend

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Chitty Chitty Bend Bend
Futurama-47-Cover 0.jpg
US Publish Number47
UK Publish Number(s)57
Written byPatric M. Verrone
Art byJames Lloyd
Title caption100% Sprunge-worthy!
Published (US)27 January, 2010
Title referenceChitty Chitty Bang Bang

"Chitty Chitty Bend Bend" is the forty-seventh comic issue, which was released 27 January, 2010 in the US.

The Story

Act I

After Bender helps Fry practice his knife throwing, the Professor announces good news; they're going to Germany for the Berlin Air and Space Show to show off his new invention, a space-mo-car. While Wernstrom, as the promoter, allows the vehicle to be displayed, it draws laughter and ridicule from the crowd because it rolls. As a result, Farnsworth spends the following week depressed and alone in his room. At the end of the week, he calls Bender in and asks for a favour, he wants Bender to euthanise him. Despite Cubert's pleas, Hubert refutes his intentions to the group, only to whisper to Bender to meet him in the doomsday parlour.

Act II

The Professor installs the doomsday device in Bender and takes the detonator. Bender learns that he probably going to be blown to smithereens as well, but his second thoughts come too late as Farnsworth plunges the detonator. However, instead of blowing them up, Bender is sent flying through New New York. The rest of the crew and Cubert burst into Farnsworth's room and see that he's poisoned himself... but it turns out he fell asleep before he could, and he falls back to sleep before he can tell them what happened to Bender. As it turns out the device was actually some kind of jet propulsion and Bender is still flying around. To avoid detection he decides to buy himself a crow costume. Later, the efforts to get information from Farnsworth continue to be unsuccessful, until Bender enters through the window. He explains the situation and takes Fry out flying, but drops him. Bender is seen saving a man who was screaming like a girl, and is roped into doing other good deeds. While the Professor is reinvigorated after patenting his flying robot designs, Bender becomes depressed due to the positive media attention, and heads to the First Amalgamated Church for advice. He returns to his friends having taken the propulsion system out of himself and put it in Tinny Tim, who explodes after launching. Farnsworth now claims Bender is an inventing machine that he invented.

Additional Info


  • The promotional version of the cover art featured a different caption; "Blurb!".
  • The Professor's room is apparently just off the building's main entrance.
  • Sal seems to have a German relative named Will Kommen, who is identical except for the moustache.


    Professor: Now, when I install this, you might feel a slight biting sensation on your shiny metal ass.
    Bender: That sounds normal.



  • The can of Hemlock Zero is a combination of Conium (Poison hemlock) and Coke Zero.
  • Bender compares himself to Iron Man.
  • The caption seems to be a reference to a Seinfeld quote by one of the main characters, Elaine Benes.


  • The sign on Will's booth appears to read Berlin Airshow rather than "air and space" show.
  • When Bender exits the Professor's room there is no line separating Amy's jacket and back.
  • Based on the sign in the costume shop's window, the hood at the other end of the window was probably intended to have been coloured white, not green.
  • When giving the cat to Hattie, Bender's eye casing is black rather than silver.
  • A man requests help because there's a fire on the thirteenth floor of his fourteen-story orphan factory, however it appears to be in the fifth floor from the top rather than the second.


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