Homeward Boned

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Homeward Boned
Futurama-42-Cover 1.jpg
US Publish Number42
UK Publish Number(s)55
StoryPatric C. W. Verrone
ScriptPatric M. Verrone
Art byJames Lloyd
Title captionVerrone - Lloyd - Pepoy
Published (US)25 March, 2009
Title referenceHomeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

"Homeward Boned" is the forty-second comic issue, which was released 25 March, 2009 in the US.

The Story

Act I

Bender awakens to the sounds of his fellow staff members each upset that someone has messed with something of theirs. Fry is particularly upset, someone has kidnapped Seymour. Zoidberg discovers a footprint, and after an analysis by the Professor, the crew head to Sirius K-9. Arriving on the planet, they discover that there is a monument there that resembles his dead dog. They soon learn that the planet is inhabited by dog-like aliens.

Act II

During dinner with king Rex, Fry asks about Seymour and they are lead to the sacred temple. It is revealed that Seymour is their god and had called the Caninites to liberate him, and as such they don't let Fry take his dog home. That night the crew breaks into the church through the dog flap. The pedestal Seymour had been on was alarmed, and the crew are chased to the ship and Seymour begins letting out ear-piercing shrieks, which are actually a call to the Caninites to invade Earth. Zapp surrenders to the invaders. Back at Planet Express, Farnsworth reveals that Seymour's flea is making the noise and that fleas on each of the Caninites are signaling invasion plans to one another. Additionally his world domination flea circus is currently empty. They trick the Caninites to take a flea bath and the Caninites decide not to worship a god that makes them take baths, leaving Seymour with Fry.

Additional Info


  • This was the first comic to be released after the films.
  • There is a Chihuahua Caninite who resembles the Taco Bellevue Doctor, the pair are of the same species if not the same character.
  • The six stages of pet grief are:
    1. Moronic anger
    2. Unfounded optimism
    3. Annoying nostalgia
    4. Stubborn idiocy
    5. Larceny
    6. Acceptance
    • However stages 2-4 are not out of character for Fry on a normal day, and stage 6 is not relevant due to Fry having Seymour back.


    Linda: In a related story, the winners of the "Predict the Next Earth Invasion" contest will each receive a T-Shirt. The 330 winning entries said "Tuesday".

    Fry: I can't believe Seymour's been stolen!
    Bender: Who?
    Leela: Fry's fossilized dog from the 20th century. Don't You remember? You threw him into a pool of molten lava? Then you saved him from a pool of molten lava?
    Bender: That doesn't sound like me. At least not in that order.



  • A group of dogs are seen playing poker.
  • "Damn them! Damn them all to hell!" references Planet of the Apes.
  • The Chihuahua Caninite says "Yo quiero Burger King" in reference to Taco Bell.
  • In reference to Peanuts, the doghouse flying the welcome banner is a reference to Snoopy's imaginary biplane, and is flown by someone resembling Charlie Brown.
  • One of the dogs resembles Odie, Garfield's owner Jon's other pet.
  • Two of the dogs resemble Santa's Little Helper, from The Simpsons, however this is most likely due to the art style being consistent between the two Matt Groening series.


Colour leaked onto the white borders between frames.
  • On the cover, Leela is missing her Wristlojackimator.
  • Nibbler's bowl reads "NIBBLES".
  • Seymour's fossil is now red; it is unlikely, but not impossible, that he was painted.


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