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== Army Members ==
== Army Members ==
*[[Zapp Brannigan]]-commander
*[[Zapp Brannigan]], commander
*[[Kif Kroker]]-second in command
*[[Kif Kroker]], second in command
*[[Philip J. Fry|Fry]]-soldier
*[[Philip J. Fry|Fry]], soldier
*[[Bender Bending Rodríguez|Bender]]-soldier
*[[Bender Bending Rodríguez|Bender]], soldier
*[[Turanga Leela|Lee Lemon]]-soldier
*[[Turanga Leela|Lee Lemon]], soldier
*[[Dr. Zoidberg]]-doctor
*[[Dr. Zoidberg]], doctor
*[[Minor Characters|iHawk]]-doctor
*[[Minor Characters|iHawk]], doctor
== Fought With ==
== Fought With ==

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The DOOP army are the protectors of all its planets such as Earth. The Army is lead by the legandary Zapp Brannigan and is usually terrible in combact when led by Zapp. Also Army Members get a 5% discount in stores.

Army Members

Fought With


When Aliens Attack
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