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The DOOP forces preparing for war

Location: Nimbus or Earth
First Appearance: When Aliens Attack


Zapp in battle with the Spiderians
The Nimbus, flagship of the fleet
Fry in the PE ship fighting the Omicronians

The DOOP Army also known occasionally as the Earth Army is the protector of all planets that are members of DOOP such as Earth. The Army is lead by the legandary 25 Star General, Zapp Brannigan and is usually terrible in combact when led by him. They have suffered two major defeats at the hands of the Omicronians and the Decapodians. However when they do win it usually means a great loss of soldiers. The Army doesn't seem to care about human life sending wave after wave of men to deaths and letting them die for usless Planets. Any man can sign up for the Army and drop out at any time unless War is delaired but women are forbidden to join up as the men were distracted by them. In emergancies all robots have chips planted in their head switched on forcing them to die for their planet. Army Members wear green uniforms whilst in battle on ground and wear red uniforms similar to Zapp and Kif's whilst on the Nimbus or fighting in space. The soldiers fought with guns that needed to be charges but these may have been replaced later on. The troops also get a 5% discount in stores. The Commander of the Army, Zapp Brannigan has access to Earth's missiles and weapons ready to be used during invasion.


  • Join the Army, What Are You Chicken?

Army Members


Fought With


Additional Info


  • The noise made when the guns are charging is the same noise Jack in the Boxes make.