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Week 11, 2006

Space Pilot 3000.jpg
Space Pilot 3000 was the first episode of Futurama, and introduced us to all our favourite characters. The show opens with Philip J. Fry being called to deliver a pizza to I. C. Wiener, and accidentally falling into a cryogenic freezer, only to be awakened one thousand years in the future, in the city of New New York.

This episode showcases the forethought and planning by the creators of the show, as many things in this episode are referenced outright in future episodes, or explained more subtly. The most famous example is the shadow of Nibbler being shown under the desk just before Fry falls into the freezer. Many one- or two-line characters show up in future episodes, like Mr. Panucci and Fry's Girlfriend, Michelle.

Week 12, 2006

Bender Bending Rodriguez, bending unit 22, was born in Tijuana, Mexico. Bender abandoned his job after learning that he was providing parts for suicide booths, and met Philip J. Fry, another person trying to escape employment.

Week 13, 2006

Turanga Leela.jpg
Turanga Leela is one of the main characters on Futurama. She starts off as a Fate Assignment Officer for Applied Cryogenics, but deserts her job after meeting a defrostee named Fry. She then joins Fry and a robot named Bender at Planet Express, a company owned by Fry's distant relative, Professor Farnsworth.

Throughout the series, Leela's past demonstrates the planning that went into the early stages of development of Futurama. At first, we are to believe that she is an alien, the last of her kind and completely alone. Later, however, we learn that she is actually a sewer mutant. Close scrutiny of an earlier episode shows that her parents are visible as background characters the first time we meet the mutants.

July, 2006

Mom is the owner and CEO of Mom's Friendly Robot Company. Decades ago she had a failed relationship with Professor Farnsworth, which may have been caused her current bitterness. Her sons Walt, Larry and Ignar work as her assistants.

August, 2006

The Decapodians are a race of sentient, lobster-like creatures from Decapod 10. Because Dr. Zoidberg is a main character, Decapodians have become one of the best known species in Futurama. Decapodians are very strong, and their claws are sharp enough to cut steel bars and similarly hard things.

September, 2006

Philip J. Fry.jpg

Philip J. Fry is one of the key employees at Planet Express. As official Delivery Boy, ship crew member and general oddjob man, he is member of the core delivery crew that does most of Planet Express' actual work. On new-years eve of 1999, after his girlfriend Michelle broke up with him, he attempted to deliver a pizza to I. C. Wiener at Applied Cryogenics. While there, he was frozen for a thousand years, arriving abrubtly into his new life in the 31st century, to which he has adjusted well. During a trip back in time to the year 1947, he became his own grandfather, this caused a unique genetic anomaly that makes him the most important person in the universe.

October, 2006

The Why of Fry.jpg

The Why of Fry is a major episode of Futurama. After four and a half seasons, the reason for Nibbler's shadow in Space Pilot 3000 is revealed. This scene at Applied Cryogenics was aired in many episodes and even changed to have Fry's shadow there before this episode can to light. Thanks to "the nasty in the pasty" Fry is immune to the Brain Spawn's attack and was able to save the universe, but only after Nibbler promised to help him in his efforts to romance Leela.

November, 2006

Futurama Game B.jpg

The Futurama video game, released in late 2003, is currently the only official game based on Futurama. The game starred the cast of the series and the plot was developed by a writer for the series, this meant that the game contained what some describe as a "lost episode". The player, as Fry, Bender, Leela and Zoidberg, is tasked with attempting to save the universe from Mom, who has become the majority shareholder of the Earth.

December, 2006

Futurama Comic 6.jpg

Xmas Time Is Fear is the sixth (or eighth in the UK) of the Futurama Comics, which continued to be produced during Futurama's hiatus. This was also the first Xmas comic. Readers saw a team up between three of their favourite villains; the Robot Devil, Santa and Nixon. While they also learned a little more about the story of Xmas, Zombie Jesus' origins.

January, 2007

The New Justice Team

The New Justice Team is a super team created by the three crew members of Planet Express to fight crime in and around New New York after they aquire a tube of Dr. FlimFlam's Miracle Cream from Dr. Zoidberg. The team consist of Clobberella (Leela), Captain Yesterday (Fry), and Superking (Bender).

February, 2007

The Scary Door.jpg

The Scary Door is a television series sometimes viewed by the characters on Futurama. It is a spoof of the classic science fiction TV series "The Twilight Zone". The plots of the episodes are often fast paced and can contain numerous plot twists despite the short air time.

March, 2007


Dr. John Zoidberg is a Decapodian born on planet Decapod 10. Giving up his dream of becoming a comedian he moved to Earth and became the Staff Doctor at Planet Express, where he has been employed for the past ten years. Zoidberg is poor and his medical skills are questionable, but he is a very friendly person, even Robot Santa recognises this fact. He also is the nephew of legandary silent hologram star Harold Zoid.

April, 2007


Godfellas showed us Bender in a way he'd always wanted to be seen, as a god. After a run in with Space Pirates, Bender is accidentally shot from a torpedo tube into space at a speed beyond the ship's maximum. During his time in space, a society of tiny people forms of Bender's torso. Later, he meets a god-like entity. Meanwhile a distraught Fry hopes to find a way to get Bender back.

May, 2007

The Devils Hands are Idle Playthings.jpg

The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings, the last episode of Futurama's run on Fox, was written as both a season and a series finale, as there was a 50/50 chance the show would get renewed. The episode continues the story arc relating to Fry and Leela's developing relationship. Fry has been trying unsuccessfully to learn the Holophonor, which he'd previously seduced her with while infected with worms. He makes a deal with the Robot Devil so that he can play well, but the Devil doesn't like the outcome and launches a ridiculously circuitous plan to undo it.

June, 2007

Free Waterfall, Jr..jpg

The Waterfalls are a family of environmentalists who occasionally appear in episodes and comics of Futurama. When a member of the family is a major character in a story, they tend to die trying to protect the very thing that kills them. One known member of the family yet to be focused on (and killed off) is Frida. With a new season in the works, it is possible the family will return too.

July, 2007


Sal is one of Futurama's many secondary characters. Sal is almost always seen filling one of his many blue-collar jobs throughout the universe, whether he holds these similtaneously, frequently changes jobs or has an army of clones is unknown. He is also very lazy which prevents him from being violent. In his spare time, Sal enjoys camping and bus rides with beautiful women. Sal often adds an 's' to words that don't need it and occasionally takes off 's' from words that do need it.