All My Circuits: The Movie

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All My Circuits: The Movie
All My Circuits, The Movie.png
First appearance"Raging Bender" (2ACV08)

All My Circuits: The Movie was the first film released based on the popular TV show, All My Circuits.


Calculon is in his office at Calculon Enterprises sorting out his paperwork. Monique calls Calculon and informs him the city is under attack and he must hurry or a fiery explosion will chase someone down a hallway. Calculon must make a choice: race to the battle in his hoverjet Ferrari or double check his paperwork.


The audience decides which action to take. When the Planet Express crew saw it, the buttons seemed to be broken, and the "double check the paperwork" choice was made.

Cast and Crew



  • Directing Unit 4
    • Director
  • Writing Unit 5
    • Co-Writer
  • Writing Unit 12
    • Co-Writer
  • Joe Eszterhas
    • Co-Writer
  • Original Character Unit 17
    • Creator of the Original Characters

Additional Info


  • The opening parodies the open to the James Bond movies.
  • Joe Eszterhas is not a fake name. He is real movie writer.
  • While Calculon was double-checking his paperwork, a firefight could be seen in the background.


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