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Antarian Native.jpg
An Antarian welcoming the Planet Express crew.
HomeworldAntares 3
Member ofDOOP
First appearance"Attack of the Killer App" (6ACV03)

The Antarians are a humanoid species from the Third World of the Antares system. They have red eyes, blue skin and usually wear space suits and helmets. The Antarians seem to be a bald species, much like the Amphibiosans, the Decapodians and Morbo's species. This species is master on e-waste recycling, and is known to enslave children. It's unknown whether they inhabit Earth, but one has been seen working there (6ACV12).

After attending the Annual e-Waste Recycling Festival in July of 3010, the Professor sends Fry, Bender, and Leela to dump e-waste on Antares 3. They welcome the Planet Express crew by stripping down the Planet Express ship for free. The Antarians then exterminate the Earthican garbage, and soon the trio finds out about the child slavery.

An Antarian was seen in front of Citihall cleaning the streets of New New York by pumping the fruits of Earthican excretion into Madison Cube Garden in September of 3010. This suggests they might be employeed by Mayor C. Randall Poopenmeyer. The fact that the Mayor was the one who told the Professor to send his crew to the Antares system only confirms it.

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  • The Antarians resemble the Professor's appearance in various physical aspects. Their wrinkly necks, lips, and heads are quite similar. This is probably caused by some kind of rapid aging they have, which could come from their planet's polluted and toxic atmosphere.


    Antarian Native #1: Greetings, my friends. It shan't take long to strip down your clunker.
    Turanga Leela: There's nothing wrong with our clunker.
    Antarian Native #1: Really? Because we can smelt out the deadly, deadly chromium to make rat poison and artificial sweeteners.
    Turanga Leela: No, thanks. We're delivering e-waste.
    Antarian Native #1: Pity. We're halfway done.