Morbo's species

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Morbo's species
Morbo's species.png
Three members of Morbo's species playing the holophonor at the Mos Def Cantina, in 3012 (7ACV05).
First appearance"A Big Piece of Garbage" (1ACV08)

Morbo's species is a race of humanoid green aliens. They have yellow eyes and gigantic heads, which are capable of inflating and deflating. This suggests that it contains their lungs, or a muscular structure capable of varying in size. They seem to be a bald species, much like the Decapodians and the Antarians. Very little is known about the species, as we don't know their races true name or their homeworld, and the only identified creatures are Morbo and Fawn.

We know from what Morbo has said, however, that his species has a large society, and it seems they are planning a very blatant and shameless attack on Earth. It's unknown whether they are a member of DOOP or not, but they are probably not that civilized.


Though it is unknown if Morbo's species lives in a tribal setting or not, it is evident that they are somewhat technologically advanced. Their skin color comes in various shades of green, as well as tourqoise, and, like some Humans, they have bulging veins, although this seems to be a species trait rather than a personal thing, the color of which compliments the skin. The species has slitted eyes, which means they probably have great eyesight in both dim light and broad day light. It is assumed that Morbo and his species are reptilian. Though they complain and fight at times, it is still occasionally shown that these creatures know how to love each other, as Morbo shows Fawn, in his own odd way.

They seem to be able to withstand great temperatures (7ACV18).


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Soldiers of Morbo's species (7ACV20).



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