Appendix G

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Appendix G
UsageTo gain special powers (temporary)
First appearanceBender's Game
Appendix G in the game of Dungeons & Dragons

Appendix G is a list used in Dungeons & Dragons. The list includes all the powers of the Anti-backwards Crystal (Cubert and Dwight believed it was a normal dice) when it is rolled. The crystal became the Die of Power in Cornwood, and when it gets rolled and it stops in a number, the Appendix G is summoned and the power of the number appears on it. Not all of the powers have been mentioned, only 3, 7 and 12.


This list shows the numbers and their powers:

Number Power
1 Unknown
2 Unknown
3 Grow: it made Frydo grow to defeat the Tunneling Horror
4 Unknown
5 Unknown
6 Unknown
7 Banish Foes: it banished Waltazar, Larius and Ignus to a swamp
8 Unknown
9 Unknown
10 Unknown
11 Unknown
12 Mirror Mania: it made Frydo become a dragon, copying Momon's magic

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