St. Koch's Cathedral

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St. Koch's Cathedral
St. Koch's Cathedral.png
Exterior of St. Koch's Cathedral, in 3013. [7ACV26] Using the Tube Transport System is the Hyper-Chicken. A DOOP hovercopter can also be seen.
LocationNew New York
First appearance"Meanwhile" (7ACV26)

St. Koch's Cathedral is a cathedral in New New York. It may be located on the former site of Brooklyn. [2ACV06]

In 3001, an employee at Past-O-Rama, thinking that Fry worked there, told him to take a 20th-century car behind the cathedral. [2ACV06]

In 3013, Fry and Leela got married in the cathedral. [7ACV26] Because Fry had accidentally frozen the universe, the people that were at the wedding were paralysed and had to be carried in. Fry and Leela brought the Space Pope, but they were their own marriage officiant.

Wedding attendees


St. Koch's Cathedral was first seen in a promotional picture released by Comedy Central, in August 2013. [1]

Additional information


A promotional picture of Fry and Leela at their wedding, released by Comedy Central, in August 2013. [1] Also present are Bender, the Space Pope, and Nibbler.
  • The name "Koch" likely refers to former mayor of New York Ed Koch.
  • The name "Kock" could also likely be a play on Helge von Koch's Snowflake. Which is the shape of the window of the cathedral.



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