Tex 1138's employee

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Tertiary character
Tex 1138's employee
Tex 1138's employee.png
The Tex 1138's employee at Tex 1138's, in 3013. [7ACV22]
First appearance"Leela and the Genestalk" (7ACV22)
Voiced byPhil LaMarr

The Tex 1138's employee is a man who operates a mechanical buggalo in the redneck bar Tex 1138's. In 3013, the buggalo malfunctioned, and the employee shot it with a shotgun to prevent it from crushing a little girl. [7ACV22]


The Tex 1138's employee was first seen in a preview clip for broadcast season 10, in February 2013. [1]

Additional information


    Tex 1138's employee: It's not respondin'!
    Command centre. Override. Override!



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