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If you move your eyes up a few centimeters, you'll see my name. Yes, that really is my name. My parents named me after an awesome character. (No, not really. Sadly.) I am also on TvTropes [1], although I edit here a lot more often. Here's a list of articles I've created, not including categories because I've got to do something with this space, dammit! In the parenthesis after the article name are either things I'm bragging about or (much more frequently) ways that you can help improve the article.

And, I played a major part in the making of:

Other noteworthy stuff:

Recently, there were tons of images that weren't properly categorized into whatever episode they belonged to. Well, there still are, but a lot less. I categorized over 80 previously uncategorized images making The Infosphere easier for editors.

My top 13 Futurama episodes (in no particular order):

Other really good ones:

Look at that list above. Now tell me that nothing on there makes you mad that I added it. And make me believe it. YOU WILL FAIL!

My userboxes:

Amy Leela Combat.jpg This user sometimes wishes they were animated.
Videoicon.png This user's favourite episode is 4ACV12.
Videoicon.png This user's least favourite episode is 6ACV14
Kif gets knocked up a notch.jpg This user's favourite character is Kif Kroker
Sewer Mutants.jpg This user is mutated.
Stubbly Kif.jpg This user dislikes their boss.
Mars University.jpg This user is a student.
URL.jpg This user patrols Recent Changes.
Url.jpg This user is against Vandalism.
Season 4.jpg This user has the season 4 boxed set.
Bender's Big Score.png This user has a copy of Bender's Big Score.
Colon.jpg This user has worms
Holophonor.jpg This user plays the Holophoner
Propinfin.png This user is a supporter of Proposition ∞
Space Bees.jpg This user wants revenge on the Space Bees
Mind Swith machine Bender's game.png This user would like to switch bodies with Kif
Into the Wild Green Yonder awe.jpg This user is in love.

And now, because this is my user page and I can do whatever I want with it, here are a bunch of pictures of Futurama's GREATEST character, Kif. Zoidberg? Zoidberg who?

How can you not love this?
In 2023, we're gonna have one awesome story.
Gotta love Kamy
Standing ovation

In previous incarnations, I was:

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