Momon's Invasion of Wipe Castle

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Momon's Invasion of Wipe Castle
Bender's Game part 4.png
LocationNear and within Wipe Castle in Cornwood
ResultDefeat to Momon
AppearanceBender's Game
Side ASide B
Momon's Army of EvilThe Fellowship
The Centaurs
Waltazar and LariusGreat Wizard Greyfarn
Tens of thousands of orcs
Giant Kangaroos
The Fellowship
The Centaur army, armed with bows and arrows.
Entire army
Commanders may have been injured but not killed.

The Invasion of Wipe Castle was the last major battle Cornwood ever saw. Momon sent her entire army to Wipe Castle, wrongly believing that the Die of Power would be there. Momon's army easily gained the upper hand early in the battle as Wipe Castle's entire army had conveniently drowned in an attack on the clams. However, the battle turned and ended in mere seconds when Leegola brought all of the centaurs to aid the Fellowship, and succeeded annihilating the army. Meanwhile, Frydo and Zoidberg brought the Die to The Geysers of Gygax, but failed to destroy it.

Additional Info


  • The last orc that was beat up by Leegola sounded like Scooby-Doo, saying "Ruh-roh," and "Rhew!".
  • The Giant Kangaroos used by Momon's forces are an allusion the the oliphaunts (mûmak) (giant elephants) in Lord of The Rings, Return of the King.