Venusian Blobs

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HomeworldPossibly Venus
First appearance"The Series Has Landed" (1ACV02)

Blobs are a species of jellyfish-like aliens of unknown origin who have settled on Earth, Venus and the rings of a nearby planet, and are easily angered. A Blob, possibly H. G. Blob, is on the Earthican $20 bill.


Blobs, unlike most species on Futurama, are non-humanoids. They travel by sliding around on the floor using all six limbs for arms. Blobs do not possess a one-way digestive system, instead they are able to swallow any food, or annoying human, so long as it will physically fit inside them. Swallowed items will sit, visible, inside them until digested or otherwise removed from the body. Humans have the ability to remove small items, such as Popplers, through the chest of a Blob, but are unable to get themselves out should a Blob swallow them. This may not be the case if the swallowed human is carrying salt, because salt de-solidifies Blobs temporarily.

Blob reproduction is unknown, but may involve their spewers, which may-or-may-not be exclusive to the female anatomy. Spewers are apparently offensive to some people, despite being seen in popular art.


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Venus de Venus
  • The potentially offensive artwork, the Venus de Venus is both the only major clue as to the true name of the Blob species and the identity of the Venusians, as the art depicting a female blob was created on Venus (de Venus). However it is possible that Venus is just another planet that the Blobs have settled on.
  • A Blob appears on the $20 note in Bender's Big Score.
  • All adult male Blobs have been voiced by Maurice LaMarche.
  • They bare a striking resemblance to the Space Mutants from The Simpsons. The Futurama universe possibly gives Space Mutants different names.
  • The Blobs are probably a reference to The Blob, a 1958 sci-fi horror movie and the 1972 sequel, Beware! The Blob. A remake of The Blob was released in 1988. In these movies, a gelatinous blob-like alien attacks a small town and eats humans.
  • A Blob-like creature appears in the Simpsons episode "The Kid is All Right".