King of Flatbush

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Tertiary character
King of Flatbush
First appearance"2-D Blacktop" (7ACV15)
Voiced byDavid Herman

The king of Flatbush is an inhabitant of the second dimension. When Fry, Leela, Bender, and Professor Farnsworth arrived in this dimension, in 3013, [7ACV15] they encountered two of the lords of Flatbush, one of whom was the king himself, and he declared a feast in their honour.

They were taken to a castle, where they were presented with crêpes, flatbread, McDonald's hamburgers, and apples. However, their two-ended digestive systems could not exist in the second dimension, so the professor told the king that they should get back to the third dimension.

Because the king could not conceive of a third dimension, he ordered the professor's death. The crew then made their way to the ship, which a group of lords chasing them hit with spears and even launched a missile at. They managed to fly away.


The king of Flatbush was first seen in a preview clip for 7ACV15, released by Countdown to Futurama, in April 2013. [1]

Additional information


  • The king of Flatbush is based on the monarch in the 1884 novel Flatland, who refuses to believe that there is a second dimension.


    King of Flatbush: Come. The king has declared a feast in your honour.
    Fry: Wow. How did he even know we're here?
    King of Flatbush: 'Cuz I'm him. [He puts on a crown.] Let's eat.



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