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Bender and Amy, a robosexual couple.

Robosexuality is the love and/or sexuality between a humanoid and a robot, making them robosexuals. Highly controversal, robosexual marriages were illegal in the state of New New York until the passing of Proposition ∞. In July of 3010, though, same-sex robosexual marriages are still illegal, as made evident by a comment of Morbo's.

The subject is controversial and forbidden both by Space Catholicism and Robotology. It should be noted that sometimes the human and the robot can be the same gender, but sometimes they can be different genders (e.g. a male human and a female robot, or a male robot and a female human).

Conversion camps

Camp Rectifier, a robosexuality conversion camp.

The Church of Robotology runs robosexuality conversion camps, such as Camp Rectifier, in which robosexuals are taught to restrain from their lusts. Among others, Bender and Fatbot visited one in July of 3010. It is unclear if these camps actually work, as, in September 3010, Fatbot was seen dancing intimately with an Amazonian at Bender's 100th Delivery Party making it is quite clear that he was not "cured".

History of the term

The term first appears in "Space Pilot 3000" with Bender telling Fry to be careful no one thinks they are robosexual and say to he is Bender's debugger.

In "I Dated a Robot", Fry downloads a robotic version of Lucy Liu, and begins a robosexual relationship of high controversy. Such relationships are not forbidden, but highly discourages by the Earthian government, claiming that as all of man's conquests are the result of impressing the other mate, robosexual relationships would bring down society.

According to Bender's Big Score, the Hedonismbot and his servant Djambi are homosexual robosexuals. In Cornwood, Gynecaladriel is robosexual as she seduces Titanius Anglesmith.

In "Proposition Infinity", Bender and Amy enter a robosexual relationship but Professor Farnsworth is not happy with the relationship but after revealing he was once robosexual to a woman he didn't know was a robot, he helps them pass Proposition ∞.

In "The Mutants Are Revolting", Fatbot is seen dancing intimately with an Amazonian at the 100th Delivery Party.

Known robosexuals

Fry and a Liubot (3ACV15).



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This list includes media wherein the term is used or where we see the concept.