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Secondary character
Super King.jpg
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Less than Hero" (4ACV04)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

Superking is a superhero, and one of the three members of the New Justice Team. His secret identity is Bender Rodriguez.



Superking technically has no superpowers, but he uses the basic abilities of a robot to fight crime. He has super strength, extendable arms and legs, and a door on his chest.


Superking wears a purple fringed cape, a purple mask and a jewel-encrusted crown.


Superking is a bit of a rogue (or an anti-hero), and while he fights crime with the team, he has been known to abuse his powers for his own gain.

Crimes Fought

Superking fought against the Zookeeper and The Son of the Sun. When fighting against the Zookeeper, he used his robot powers to keep him from stealing the Quantum Gemerald. He succeeded in protecting the Gemerald, despite the escape of the Zookeeper. Later, after Morris gave away Clobberella’s secret identity, the Zookeeper kidnapped her parents. Because of this, the New Justice Team was forced to steal the Quantum Gemerald and give it to the Zookeeper so he would let go of her parents. When he fought The Son of the Sun, Superking helped him get over his fear of the dark.


Superking, along with the rest of the New Justice Team, retired mainly due to several factors. These factors include the New Justice Team stealing the Quantum Gemerald and therefore being criminals, and the team running out of miracle cream. He has only occasionally appeared since his retirement.

Additional Info

Theme Song

Superking's verse in the New Justice Team theme song is as follows.

"Superking has all the powers of a king
Plus all the powers of superman
also he's a robot
Aint he cool?
Superking, you rule!"



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