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Secondary character
ProfessionPeace officer at New New York Police Department
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

URL (pronounced "Earl") is a peace officer for the New New York Police Department, whose main partner is Smitty.


Little is known of URL's past or for that matter present, but he has been seen periodically throughout the series. What is known is that he has worked with the NNYPD since at least 2999 (1ACV01).

On New Year's Eve 2999, URL went with Smitty to the Head Museum, having been called by Leela to help catch a fugitive who didn't want to be delivery boy, (1ACV01). He was later seen with Smitty again to search for Bender's antenna after it was cut off, (1ACV03). They both were later seen at the 3001 Miss Universe Pageant, (2ACV06), where they arrested Flexo instead of Bender due to a case of mistaken identity. URL and Smitty also arrested the entire Planet Express crew when they couldn't pay for an expensive meal from Elzar's Fine Cuisine, (2ACV13). Smitty and URL later arrested Bender again, thinking he was Robot Santa Claus, (3ACV03). They were later seen on Pluto monitoring Bender community service after he spilled dark matter in the penguin reserve, (3ACV05). They arrested Bender another time with Fry and the orphans that Bender adopted, (3ACV09). He and Smitty arrested Bender a Fry for the Big Apple Bank hold-up instead of Roberto, (3ACV11). He later attended the Big Robot Party on the Galápagos Islands as every robots on Earth, (4ACV08). He later told Fry to not let Nibbler's dark matter on the sidewalk, (4ACV10). They later went in the Rent-A-Wreck Video to find Fry who said the forbidden words, (4ACV11). He arrested Kif when he stole property of the aquarium, (4ACV16). They attended the Turanga-Fillmore wedding, (BBS). They arrested the Professor Farnsworth and Wernstrom and imprisonned them in the Fulcrum County Prism, he was also present at the League of Robots when Bender joined the league, (TBWABB). His alter-ego in Cornwood is the man who guards with Smitty the Wipe Castle, (BG). They attended the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion, (ITWGY).


"URL" was one of the names originally considered for Bender. His name is a reference to Uniform Resource Locator, abbreviated "URL", which is the formal name for an Internet link such as "http://www.theinfosphere.org".

His character voice, performed by John DiMaggio, is made to sound like a 1970s soul brother.

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  • Smitty and URL seem to ride NNYC patrol car 718, which is an anagram for 187, the LA murder code. It is also one of the area codes used in New York City.
  • The police force use batons that resemble the Lightsabers from Star Wars. Unlike their Star Wars counterparts, however, they are blunt weapons, rather than superheated blades.
  • He is a member of the League of Robots.


    URL: Oh, yeah.


    URL: He's clean. [He closes the door.] Smells nice too.
    Smitty: Better than me?
    URL: Oh, yeah.

    URL: Smells like a juicy promotion for me!
    Smitty: And a juicy rehiring back onto the force for me!

    Centipede Man: [On TV.] C'mon, man, I didn't fire off no laser.
    Smitty: [On TV.] Then why is there a smoking hole in your ceiling, sir?
    Centipede Man: [On TV. The camera points to the ceiling.] What? Crazy upstairs lady must've been shooting down.
    URL: [On TV.] Sir, you're on the top floor of this particular domicile.

    URL: You see today's Marmaduke? Solid.

    URL: I'm gonna get 24th century on his ass.

    URL: Undercover pursuit in progress... Baby.

    URL: Time to get off our fat cop asses and ride.

    URL: Police! You're busted!
    Smitty: And don't try anything! This glass is laser-proof!

    Smitty: Ya know, that don't look half bad on your buttocks.
    URL: It does sort of class up the place.

    [Mushu throws up and the crowd gasps. Smitty and URL stare as Bender sneaks out behind them.]
    URL: It just keeps comin' and comin'.

    Kif: Wait! That chunk. It's the watch! [Kif runs down the bleachers and dives into the water. The crowd cheers. He comes up in the middle of the vomit holding the watch.] I got it, Amy! I got it! The plan went off without a--
    Whale biologist: He's got aquarium property! Stop him!
    URL: Better do what he says. He's a whale biologist.